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Just wanted to pass along to everyone not to trust or deal w/ weezy_94ss, real name Charles Wells from Kenneesaw Georgia. We were to trade wheels, my chrome C5 vette wagon wheels, new Kumho tires, and new wheel adapters. I sent the all the items and the brand/size tires of his choice to him. I never got his wheels and older tires he promised. Weeks later he advised that he was gonna put new tire on and that they were damaged during the mounting of tire. He stated that the wheel were going back to the manufactor for fixing. The purchasing of new tires was not part of the deal. Weeks later i questioned the status of the trade, he advised me that the wheels were not fixable and he was gonna send me my tire/wheels/adapters. Weeks pasted again, and wheels and tires finally arrived after much bitchin from me. He still owes me my brand new adapter. I have been requesting em for 2 weeks now w/o a return message or call. He got free rental of all new equipment. He promised to send money for my time and troubles. No money to date. So i now wonder, if his wheels are not fixable and i have my wheels back, what he rolling on. HHHmmmm ?
I have done alot of trading and purchasing w/ fellow member of this forum. I havent had a problem till now. To the honest people of his forum, Thanks You! Living and Learning -RRR :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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