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Well, yet again, have been excited about WF for months, and was lucky enough to get a room booked a while ago, only to find out plans have changed and another trip will have me elsewhere that weekend.

SO, I have a room up for grabs. Last year, when the same thing happened, Bill Crovo took it off my hands, and all that needs to be done is you logging into their website with my info, and changing the credit card, etc.

I have a single room with a Queen bed booked for both Friday and Saturday nights, at $94 a night. You could either keep it as is, or delete one of the days, very easy. If you're interested, and especially if you signed on late and are stuck camping out in the wagon right now, PM me and we'll go from there. First come, first serve, with serious interest only, as usual.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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