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I have TP and HF springs on my Fleetwood V4P. I found something that Bill had listed that showed my front rates are same as front Impala SS just taller. But I am curious on the the rear. Mine is rated at 840 lbs tonque weight (7000# towing max), but likely the air shocks doing a lot of the work for that. Cadillac says to watch the compressor for excessive running, if it does to disable and if needed, perform rear suspension modifications. Nothing said as to what. My guess is stiffer springs.

Anyone have a spring rate chart for stock springs?

How do mine compare to 9C1 and SS springs for rate and height? I wouldn't mind lowering the car a few inches at all.

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This is what I found, I suspect there is 1 missing from the chart, mine, but I Can't be sure.

(from a Bill I believe)

22076523 RX, RK, RJ, HJ HIGHEST
22076962 HH
22132374 HK
22132375 HL LOWEST (OE for SS)
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