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What are the best year Fleetwood 94-96?

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I'm fairly new here and looking to buy a 1994 - 1996 Fleewood. Preferably rear wheel drive with the tow package. What are the best years for this car? Any help I do appreciate. ( Hopefully I can find one here in Northern New Jersey)

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20 hits with the search above.

There's a code for the tow package, I believe it gives you a mech. fan, higher gears and maybe drum rear brakes (not sure). anyway, the code is on a decal on the trunklid.

This one looks good for a couple of sources for identifying the code:

Compared to '95-6 a '94 has diff sideview mirrors and slightly diff dashpad IIRC, plus it uses OBD-1, which won't mean a spit's worth of diff to you. Center armrest is diff too. That's about it.

As much as the tow package, you'll def. want to upgrade suspension and get a tune. good luck in the hunt. Pay $3-5k for a good one instead of $1-2k for a crappy one. Just sayin'.
That's a right decent-looking ride there. Wear it in good health.
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1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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