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I was going to keep this quite and spring it on everybody in Tulsa. BUT, with Bill's what you can win post I thought what the heck, maybe it wil draw some interest.

MBA Products, Mallory Billet has made a custom Trophy which we will be giving away in Tulsa. This years trophy is approx 20" tall and will come with it's own clear plexiglass carrying case.
We also plan to do this each year at subsequent ISSCA nationals. I would post a pic for you to see, BUT, you'll have to go
to Tulsa to see the Trophy. I will say you will not be disappointed.

How do I win it you may be asking?
Is it the cleanest car? Maybe
Is it the car with the most unique mod? Maybe
Is it the car with the most MBA stuff? Most likely not, although that may help.
Is it the car that best represents the 94-6 Impala SS and 91-96 B-Car formula of looks performance and attitude? Maybe
Is it the car that has that special attention to detail? Maybe
Is it a combination of all these and more?

Stop by our display in Tulsa and check out te trophy. Say Hi and get your free ISSCA Nationals key chain pog. Supplies will be limited.

Thanks and I hope to see you in Tulsa.

Paul Roswell
Sales manager
MBA Products
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