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The past couple of weeks I've been busy collecting parts and starting something I thought I never would do. More on that in a bit. I did make a holder and modified my old 750# engine stand. I welded some angle to it and added 2 casters after removing the single one on the peg leg. After I got that done I was able to mount my transmission and it all held up fine. Once that was done the real fun began, disassembly. I looked at all these parts and thought to myself "What have I done?" I just figure I'm learning more. Once I started to inspect the parts I found I was going to need more than I had thought. The input drum had some issues and I didn't like what I found. Also the separator plate was a bit beat up from the balls.
So the parts I have to go into this are:
I got a rebuild kit with the Z Pak and upgraded molded pistons.
Corvette servo
13 vane pump
Sonnax servo release check valve, throttle valve plunger release, long sun gear bushing, .500 boost valve, long servo pin & their separator plate.
I got hardened pump rings and a TransGo shift kit.
Today I got some small filters that go into the valve body. I had only seen them called "thimble Filters" I found them finally under governor filter screen.
I have a manifold to mount to the frame and install a temp gauge. I ordered the gauge today along with a single gauge pod for the A pillar. If anyone is interested, AutoMeter has 1, 2, & 3 gauge pods for the "B" body. It may look ricer but it's the only place I could mount the gauge
. IMG_0329.JPG
IMG_0336 (1).JPG

If I'm missing something please chime in and let me know. I'm about to start. I do have the FSM, both ATSG books & another book on the 4l60, my model trans. I've been watching lots of videos and found some good info there. TransGo has some install videos too. I downloaded the one for my trans to my lap top and can refer to it while I'm building. Video Assistance
Hope some of this is helpful.

Mark: Snowman-33

Edit: Forgot to add that I also have 5 pinion front & rear gears.
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