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What did you do to your Wagon this week?

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I'll start.........

Rear brakes.. (the lining separated from the front shoe on the drivers side and toasted the drum..... :mad:)
and I cleaned the winters dust off of the motor!
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Well, I'm a ways behind FixUntilBroke, and am doing it in a much dumber way, but I'm also swapping a Duramax into a Roadmaster wagon. If you want to catch up so far:

This week I dropped the video on my first attempt at re-using and modifying the truck mounts for the Duramax in the B-body frame. I wasn't very happy with the results:

FixUntilBroke went a much smarter way - modifying the B-body steering and crossmember, then lifting the body. I'm doing it the dumb way - cutting out the front 1/4 of the B-body frame, switching to a C5 Corvette front-end, and chopping the floor out, while not lifting the body. We'll see how this goes!
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