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What did you do to your Wagon this week?

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I'll start.........

Rear brakes.. (the lining separated from the front shoe on the drivers side and toasted the drum..... :mad:)
and I cleaned the winters dust off of the motor!
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Finally got the RMW put back together with new:
opti, electric water pump, hoses, belt, plugs, air pump delete, trans flush and filter .... and a bunch of cleaning.

It's nice to have the ol' girl back online.

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That's some nice work with the Dynamat - looks good.
Installed airlifts in the back.
The seat belt pillar hanger covers for the '91 break easily and are very hard to find,usually resulting in an exposed bolt head. I found some snap in plastic caps at the hardware store that fit the bolt head perfect and flushed them out with some 1" cardboard tube sections. A dab of silicone for adhesion and the hangars appearance is much improved.
That's some nice work with those bolts, looks great to me.

Washed her, waxed her, and got a new blower controller installed under the dash. She is ready to roll. I really like these old wagons, so sad they don't make them anymore (and when did a 1995 become an 'old car' anyway?)
That new f-body engine looks great cleaned up.
New CC625s installed in the rear. Drives great, front springs are next.
I guess no one likes them
I kind of like the look, I may get a set myself.
Started the "relatively straight forward" project of intake gasket repair. The wagon's been leaking a fair amount of oil lately down the back side of the engine.

So, after the first few hours there is one broken throttle cable (plastic clip broken at the mount point), a broken EGR pipe (broken off the stud on the exhaust, now the occaisional service engine soon light makes sense), and a bent fuel line that looks okay, but I'll have to think about whether to actually replace the thing or not (that one is actually my fault),

And now, finally ready to take the intake off, and start fixing all the rest of the stuff too. Shade tree mechanic work at its best.
Got it back together and running from my intake manifold repair. New throttle cable, new fuel line, repaired EGR wiring, and the seal looks like it's holding.
Replaced the power steering pump - Delco part failed after 1 year. Enjoyed driving it with Moog 7268s in front and CC625s in the rear. Handles great now.
Built a hidden hitch for the Buick. Spring loaded plate bracket from a Caprice Sedan.

Nicely done Sir.
Picked up a '93 in Dark Blue Saphire, so I'll be taking some parts off the '95 and then letting her go.
Started working up the 1993. Rims and wheels this weekend. Shocks and swaybar next.

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Kept at it over the long weekend. Billsteins installed on the '93 along with rear CC625s & airlift 1000s. R+R the battery tray, new serpentine belt.

Fun weekend, too bad it's time to go back to work.
Got it pinstriped by an awesome guy at an even more awesome hot rod party!

I went with the little heartbeat on the doors/gate for two reasons. First, the obvious, when the wagon was new, Chevy was "the Heartbeat of America." Also, though, it's a little subtle nod to my dad. We worked on the car together all the time, and it's been almost six months since we lost him, so I thought it would be cool to kind of include him in some way. :)Anyway, I dig it.

Phase two: drop it to the ground. Soon.
I'm liking the pinstriping. The FWD sucks sticker is a nice touch too.
Designed me a new wagon t-shirt.

I love it, great stuff.
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Got the original driveshaft from the '88 shortened with new joints to replace the rusty one I've been using from the '95. I thought the driveshaft was the reason for the vibration when cruising on the highway, apparently I was wrong. Any thoughts?

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I've had a differential do that before in an '86 burb, don't know if you've already been down that road or not yet but it's an idea.
Put 1800 miles on her in 3 days. Go TBI go.
Polished the trim pieces, washed and waxed.
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