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What month is the swimsuit issue?

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No offense, but I really don't care to see Harvey posing next to Purpala in a Bikini :D :D :D
Ouch! I don't want to see Larry either!
NO.....NOOOO......Noooo! :eek:

Can you imagine most of us in bathing suit layouts?

Now if ISSCA brought in some "hired guns" like some of the ones posted in the cabaret....
I think membership may go up! (no pun intended!) ;)

How about a special girls of Hooters issue? :D

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I wonder what it'd take to get Lori Michaels to do it? :D :D

WARNING: The following link is for adults only ;)
I could probably talk my sister in law into it, (picture Alyssa Milano (sp?) with hair down to her ass), but then I'd be single again....
quote: "I wonder what it'd take to get Lori Michaels to do it?"

well she says she's gonna be on tour this year. hmmmm, Lori Michaels @ I2K2? excuse me gentlemen, i'm gonna go register now
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YES! more pics :D ...but they're all clean :rolleyes: sorry
:D :D OK, I ask least didn't tell me to drop dead!

[email protected]
From : "Lori Michaels" <[email protected]>
To : "Kevin Munsey" <[email protected]>
Subject : Re: Hey Lori, will you be at Impalapalouis 2002?
Date : Wed, 16 Jan 2002 21:13:12 -0600
Make sure to remind me when it comes time. I should have everything ready by then.
Thanks for the email.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Kevin Munsey"
To: [email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 4:56 PM
Subject: Hey Lori, will you be at Impalapalouis 2002?

> Hey Lori,
> I was hoping you would be at the I2K2 show in St Louis, MO the weekend of
> June 14-16. Its the biggest show of the year, and since your taking your
> beaSSt on tour, what better place to show it off. Should be lots of fun,
> Mr. Moss himself shows up for this one every year in case you want to meet
> your car's maker.
> This will be my first Impalafest since I bought my '96SS 3 years ago.
> duties in the U.S. Coast Guard have prevented me from attending any of the
> shows before this one. But, if you were to show up of course, it would make
> those 3 years of sulking because I couldn't make the BIG show seem not so
> bad after all.
> Well, that's all I wanted to say. Hope you can make it.
> Take care,
> Kevin
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