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what supercharger kit is a plug and play unit

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OK guys, I'm a noob to the 1994-1996 Impala SS vehicles, I have been a Turbo Buick guy til now, so I'm looking for help on which units if any are a
plug and play system for our cars, I'm not looking for a large increase in
HP, a 100 or so increase would be nice so all help and info would greatly
be helpfull, thanks,

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Well back in the day, SVI out of Colorado made one for the Impala! I have the kit on my 95 SS! Don't know if they are still in business. Sorry I have been out of the car seen for 30 yes! I still have my show winner SS and just pulled her out to get her going. 15,000 miles. It was the grand champion winner in 96 at the Impala SS event at Bowling Green. Ky.. it was Signed by Jon Moss the designer of the SS.
Quite an old thread here.
Why don't you tell us about yourself and the car in the "new members introduction" section?
Be sure to post pictures of that car!

Oh, and SVI is now Rocky Mountain Competitive Research. Mike Wendling still works there, and some of the old fellows are still there with him.
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Hello, That is good to know. (About SVI) Car has been sitting in the garage since 2000! I keep airplane fuel in it. Did not want the alcohol stuff in it. I got a lot of work to do to it. The window clips have broken on it. My Climate control panal will have to be replaced. The car cranks great and runs good except 3/4 throttle it wants to stall. i think its a fuel pressure issue. Going to try to get her back in shape! Will try to post more.
My supercharged Impala was down for many years as well. After cycling through 20 years of new cars, I decided to go back and rebuild the Impala (as opposed to selling it in pieces). It was a 3 year process, but I am really enjoying the Impala now. It is even more unique all these years later. I hope you do get yours going.


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