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what supercharger kit is a plug and play unit

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OK guys, I'm a noob to the 1994-1996 Impala SS vehicles, I have been a Turbo Buick guy til now, so I'm looking for help on which units if any are a
plug and play system for our cars, I'm not looking for a large increase in
HP, a 100 or so increase would be nice so all help and info would greatly
be helpfull, thanks,

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Well I'm no expert, but I don't think any are really "plug and play". Any forced induction mods will require you to get a tune, different spark plugs, and injectors to get the performance out of it. Then with a SC it is a good idea to get the F-body MAF too. I'm sure some of the guys who are much smarter then I am will chime in and add or correct my inputs.
Jim, ive never asked but how much HP are you putting out?
Not sure, maybe I'll by on the dyno Friday night at WCG :D
Well, that is good. Most kits should come with everything you need to bolt on. I have the powerdyne, see sig, it had everything needed to install, no fab work needed.
The powerdyne setup is exactly what I wanted. It is a setup that fits perfect, looks great, and gives me the additional performance I was looking for, without getting too radical. My motor is still stock, so the 6 psi setup is perfect. Plus I still have the ability to drive the car anywhere. I have taken it to San Diego for events with absolutely no issues and I still get good MPG on the highway. The only issue with the powerdyne is it does not come with an air-to-air intercooler. This is a bigger deal in hot areas, like here in Vegas. I get past this by having the Snow Performance water/meth injection. This system keeps the intake temps down under boost.
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Sorry forgot to mention they are not around anymore. But you can pick up the setups (used) all the time. There is a guy here that has his for sale, do a search in the for sale section. I think one of the forum supporting vendors is RCR. They sell kits too, but I think their kits are Pro Charger ones. I don't know anything about how theirs is. Pro Charger is a great product too.

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