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What's worth Grabbing

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There are a couple Wagons here in the yard. I don't mind grabbing stuff for people, but don't know what's worth grabbing on these. There are two Olds Custon Cruisers and two Caprice Wagons.
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There are two Olds Custon Cruisers
front bumpers, with the cut out
front bumpers, with the cut out
Both are trash. One has some cracks in the front, and the other was torn in two at the side. Both grills are gone/broken too.
Tail lights, interior trim (ie piece that covers rear wiper), Olds C pillar on doors that sail away, Olds cladding if any one interested, door panels, PCMs.....
Some items I can think of:
  • cargo shade
  • rear hatch glass
  • sail panels if they have them (trim behind window on rear side doors)
  • lower body cladding, grill and bumper skins on the oldsmobiles
  • steering wheel and airbag (if in really nice shape)
  • vista roof glass is no longer made, some guys cut out the surrounding metal with a sawzall
  • good door panels
  • front doors and/or mirrors if either of the caprices are 95's
  • rubber elbow on firewall from heater box area
  • good factory floor mats (snap clips hold them to the floor)
Dash boards from OCCs
Dash pad from either (if not cracked)
Black clip and thumb screw that holds the spare cover
Cargo light lenses
Roof rack cross bar from OCCs
OCC hood emblem
OCC grille emblem
Tailgate left side wire clips
Tail lights from all if not broken
OCC instrument clusters
CD players
Driver side interior panels complete (passenger less important, all 4 if matched)
Front arm rests with plastic frame intact (driver side especially)
OCC A/C vents (black)
Gas tank if not punctured
Nomenclature "CUSTOM CRUISER" "Oldsmobile"
Rear window without heater strips
Rear window hinges
Electronic climate control from OCC (if buttons aren't broken)
Knee panel under the steering wheel
Visors with vanity lights

Only the 91 OCCs (and RMWs) have the fly away panels on the rear doors
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Electric antennas that are not bent even if they do not work. (I need some of the can pry the mast out at the yard).
Belive me buy all you can and sell it, I made alot of money off that occ out the yard.
ok, I will check for these things. Need to be worth my time and effort for me to grab them though. Any idea what the going prices are for some of these things? Obviously I am not going to pull a wiring harness out if my net gain is only $10.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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