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Where are all my twin turbo impala's at

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What's up fellow Impala's riders and lovers!!! I have had my eyes on this site for awhile and didn’t see alot turbo's, I had the basic requirements, like mufflers and widend the wheels, Well I am now in the look out of a twin turbo kit !! Just got me 96 and loving it!! Need some love and might need some expert insight to get it where I want it!!! So if anyone has tips, ideas, or any suggestions please let me know!!! Also I'm in CHI town attending most car show with my S/C Cobra eaton swap to my 03 Marauder, i need to get this car done with the twin turbo, but need advice, like were to buy it from, the best deal, brand , etc ... . . .

Please post ur T-turbo impala, for that it give me some ideas,

thank you guys
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The right section might get you more info......
Take your car to Naperville Ill. Finish Line Performance. Their known for working on forced induction systems on Impalas.
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