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Who ever wanted Smoothy Bumpers!!!!

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If anyone wanted Smoothy bumpers, now is your chance! They are $279 each, down from the original $379. You have to contact jason to get a shipping quote(From $75-$180) and then pay. After we get 25 bumpers sold they will ship!! You can post on the GP thread or pm jason personally to get a quote.

Dont let me down guys!! Lets get this thing rollin!!

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can they post the pics or anyone... on some i cant really tell the differance...
^ are you serious? how can you not see what they are?

they're all in pictures right there...smoothe front and back, front with billet and fogs, back with billet, i mean what dont you see? seriously...
Damn it I just bought mine from FocuzTech.
i probably woulda been in if shipping wasnt more than half the price of a single bumper...
:(.... I got quoted $150 for 2 and im across the whole map! Not like shipping is his fault....rates have gone up so much these last couple years its ridiculous.
they told me the same thing for 1 bumper to a business 500 miles closer than ny...and i know its not their fault but that doesnt mean im gonna pay
Something fishy going on here.......

I thought he quoted you like $75 like he said it would be for 1. Id give him another pm and ask about it that cause that it ridiculous! There's no way shipping should be the same price...I dont know where he's getting these prices anyways o_O
I paid about 150 for 2 halfway across the country a week ago. It's UPS/FedEX setting the price.
Paid for mine! $743 shipped total for the pair to GA. (home address)

Anyone else who wants these please contact jason!! We need 17 more bumpers sold!
is it Urethane or fiberglass?
bought mine about a year or 2 ago and cost around $900 something cause shipping for 2 bumpers was like $150. wish they were that cheap on the bumpers back then cause then id have some extra cash at a time like this...
is it Urethane or fiberglass?
It is the better quality urethane.
Come on guys. We need more people!! What happened to the 15+ people we had in the gp?
What happen is people did not check there pockets before they typed that msg I hope you guys get it before end October because come November no one will be able to do anything due to holiday's. I just was buying a pair and they counted mine towards you guys GP but i paid full price. I need mine like yesterday. I like to send a shot out to streettrends for getting them here so fast got the box yesterday.
You all should go and PM or Post the list and get a FO-SURE head count. Its not hard to do... COPY PASTE COPY PASTE
You all should go and PM or Post the list and get a FO-SURE head count. Its not hard to do... COPY PASTE COPY PASTE
They did under group deals he just posted on here in case no one is checking there. Why u on here talk n crazy you get ur bumpers on yet? Will i see u out there n 2 weeks when we all ride out?
Bump this up.

We have until the end of the month left for anyone else who wants these. This is most likely the only time you will ever see these bumpers for this cheap!!!
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