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Who likes the date for ISSCA Nat's 2006 at Indy?

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The 2006 ISSCA Nationals are scheduled for July 4-8, 2006.
I think its cool that the event will be in Indy.
Personally, I will try to make the date, but then
again, I don't have a wife/kids etc. who may want
to do other things on the 4th of July week.
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The dates for Indy 2006 work for me. It turns to be the only time that would work for the month of July.

FYI for those not driving, Southwest does fly into Indy.

I just noticed we are not the only ones who think it's great to be an American and have a car club event during the 4th of July holiday....
quote from Camaro Super Fest web site

THE DATES- JULY 1-2-3, 2005

We always think of YOU the Camaro owner and participant, which is why we are maintaining our dates of the 4th of July weekend or as close as possible. It's a three day weekend and why not spend it with GREAT friends and GREAT cars at CAMARO SUPERFEST 2005! In the past 13 years we've had great weather and great people, like YOU, and have had a blast spending it together. Put us on your calendar as a must attend event! We hope to see you at CAMARO SUPERFEST 2005!


Again, ISSCA directors, you're doing an excellent job for us and plese keep up the good work. It's a tough job and I'm glad you do it, (and not me).
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The date should work out for me perfectly. I'm on mandatory vacation that week every year.
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