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Who needs a supercharged 9C1 with 300k on it?

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This car just gets weirder the more you look at it. High bid $530 with 15 hours remaining.

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That RMCR supercharger set up costed someone in the neighborhood of $6K.
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Think what you want about me but I think that's a beautiful auto. Yea, there's some things I'd like to not see ( i.e, tan/burgandy combination) but that car straight and mostly clean. I wish my panels and paint looked that good. Would need a magnet to check for fill but, if none, that thing looks good. (y)
But not the luggage rack on the trunk… please tell me you don’t like the trunk rack :D
And... That blower is a time bomb without the supporting mods. Fuel upgrades, timing/programming, forged pistons.... Nothing mentioned, I would assume nothing done. The Vortech really looks like a last minute add on to help the sale. Or someone bought that and couldn't make it run right.... red flags all over.
The owner was some shops cash cow allright.
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I missed the receipt list! All is good now. We should definitely buy it. All that work, for the fair price of $40K+.

I thought I was an idiot, but this poor guy makes my build look reasonable. I'm showing this ad to my wife tonight, so she know how frugal I have been with my latest "project".
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