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Who needs a supercharged 9C1 with 300k on it?

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This car just gets weirder the more you look at it. High bid $530 with 15 hours remaining.

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Exactly , if it was at 1000 but the guy that bid it to 1000 actually said 1500, every time you bid an amount less than the guys 1500 max, it will bump up just enough to keep the 1500 guy ahead.
Say the increments are $100 ,
If you say fuckit I need this and bid 7000 , the number will only go high enough to put you in front $1600.
The above unless things have changed as it has been years since I have got into a bidding war on Ebay.
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202 bucks a month , this baby can be yours
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The owner was some shops cash cow allright.
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I think what a person is paying for here is the attention to detail and the the incredible build quality of this car .
The tasteful visuals are just a bonus.
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That is encompassed in " incredible build quality " ;)
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