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Who needs a supercharged 9C1 with 300k on it?

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This car just gets weirder the more you look at it. High bid $530 with 15 hours remaining.

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I just tried to throw a bid on it; apparently Ebay now forces you to increase your bid until you hit the reserve price. Nope.

It'd be worth buying for the engine and supercharger, swap in a stock motor and resell the car.
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Anybody know what the digital display on the lower dash is for? Is that some electronic boost gauge?
Just wondering how Ebay forced you to keep bidding? I am confused since there were 18 bids and the car never hit the reserve? Just wondering if they changed something and I had not seen it yet???
I threw a bid at it just to see what would happen, and immediately got a prompt that said "your bid is under the reserve, please bid higher to get above the reserve." And it then offered me buttons with $10, $20 or $30 more than what I had bid. Since I wasn't serious, I just exited out of the page. But then, apparently my bid showed up because the total price ended up just higher than my bid? It was quite confusing.
Yeah, it's going to be very tough to find a buyer at $12k when he doesn't state how many of those 303,000 miles are on the mechanical components. Nevermind the odd styling.
@95wagon you are not kidding. $2200 for brake upgrades? And I all I see is stock rear calipers (and the lines) spray painted red. $18k for an engine? And ZERO showing of receipts or build photos from TPiS (Which is also nearby in Minnesota). No mention of trans upgrades, which engine management system he's using (although $1600 for injectors and $1100 for ignition). Yikes.
This car just makes no sense. This is Z06 money for a car that's its own anti-theft system. For $45k he spent on the engine alone, you could buy a Nelson Racing Engines setup and have 1500hp. But it's got stock cats in place. And no mention of transmission updates; that's definitely a 4L60E trans pan. A stock driveshaft spraypainted red. No dyno chart? If I paid all that money, I'm getting a chassis dyno chart.

And how did it get 300k miles on it? Commuting across the midwest 150 miles each way all summer? Then why aren't there receipts for new suspension components? How did the owner keep the interior so pristine, because the floor carpet and the seat sure don't look like 300k miles on them. And those 9C1 seats are horribly uncomfortable to boot. 300k on them? He must have married a chiropractor to survive that.

I see Wilwood calipers hiding behind those amazing 17" rims. Do the rotors look bigger than stock?

Did this ever show up at a car show? If so, we would have seen pics on the internet of "hey look at this crazy grandpa Caprice with awful wheels and a luggage rack, a Gucci trunk, and a supercharger."

One thing is for sure. This salesman is the worst, laziest salesman I've ever encountered in my life.
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