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Who wants extra ISSCA Nationals shirts?

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The demand was great and even though we ordered over 200 shirts (including extras over the pre-order) they sold out almost instantly.

So...without further adieu...who would like another shirt?


Unfortunately with shipping they will probably be about $25 and $30 for big boy sizes.

Also, we will, I am sure, need to order at least 75-100 or more to make it worthwhile so this is sort of a long shot but if demand is overwhelming then ISSCA will do it.

Finally, for about $40, is anyone interested in full size posters of this event? We can get them to make them up for us.

Any interest?


Last chance, closing out the order once and for all so everyone can have them by the holidays. Thanks in advance to Jonathan King for helping with the shipping on behalf of ISSCA. JKING is the man! Order by Wednesday 11/12/14!


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Did these shirts ever come in??
Yes they did and all paid orders for shirts/posters have shipped. They should start delivering today.
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