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ok i re-hooked up my 6x9s to my 100w amp, designated for just those. Ill explain exactly how i have it set up and if you can pinpoint where its wrong help me out. I have the power and remote wire split off, and a seprate ground from my 600w "sub amp" i just ran the "sub amp" regular, with RCAs from the deck, but i ran the 6x9 wires from the car, into the input of the amp and then hooked the speakers up to the outputs. If If i dont hook the sub speaker wires up, the 6x9s sound awesome, but as soon as i hook the subs up, they get so quiet and subs and 6x9s sound like crap, and i have to fade practically all the way to the front. cuz the 6x9s are so loud with an amp. Should just run a seprate RCA to the 100w and will that solve my problem??? For some reason i think its the putting the wires into the INPUT without a RCA cable..

Help me out, cuz 6x9s sound sooo much better amplified, i just need to get both to work together haha

thanks in advance
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