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Well, as I'm sure some of you already know, I'm going crazy looking into my ENTIRE suspension...
I've got another really important question. I've read that the adjustable C/A's can be a bit of pain, especially if they aren't calibrated properly from the factory. My question is this, Why would someone who uses their car as a daily driver or weekend cruiser need to adjust their C/A's? Don't get me wrong, I beat on my 9C1 like there's no tomorrow, that's why I love it so much, that's why I'm about to spend over $1500 on the suspension alone. That's why I want to install a kick ass suspension in it. But, why do I need the Adjustables? Wouldn't the non adjustable extended work fine? The only autoX'ing I do is thru traffic on the highway's in NY...woohoo. Cya's in the morning.
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