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Will there be raffles for merchandize at the 2012 Dreamapalooza?

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I'm not sure who to address this to, so I'll make it a general question for any one of the ISSCA Officers. Will there be a raffle at this years Nationals like there has been in several of the previous events? If so I would like to donate a Whisperjet Harness with a pair of Autoram 80/100 Watt bulbs. If the lucky recipient has T84s I'll include a set of CandlePower or NARVA "Scorcher" 100/130 Watt bulbs. This harness will be setup for Lows-with-Highs as well as Wig-Wags.
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Howard thank you for your generous donation. We are still nailing down what raffles or straight up giveaways we are doing and will get back to you shortly.
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