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window motor sometimes works

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I have two window motors that don't work all the time. Both are on the driver's side. Currently the back window is working and the front one is not. Earlier I had read that you could slam the door shut with the window switch on and that would sometimes make it work again. I did that to at least one window earlier and got at least one of them working again (I may have gotten both of them working but I don't remember). Anyhow I basically did this again and got the back window working for now.

This seems to be a temporary fix. Is there a way to fix this problem permanently without replacing the motor? If I need to replace the motor, how much are they and how hard are they to replace?
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The problem may also be in the drivers side switch itself, you need to remove the DS Switch 1st and see if you have a poor connection in 1 of the harness connectors. Post back what you find with the switch, then we can take it from there if further repairs are needed?
There's another way to check the window regulator operation itself (Bypassing the switch). It envolves using a 12V Battery from a power pack drill, and 2 lengths of wire inserted into the Correct wire sockets where the window switch goes, and using the battery power to roll the window up. This is how we used to roll up windows at the factory when no battery was present in the car yet. I'm at work now but, I'll post back the correct color wires and procedure in the AM.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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