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window motor sometimes works

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I have two window motors that don't work all the time. Both are on the driver's side. Currently the back window is working and the front one is not. Earlier I had read that you could slam the door shut with the window switch on and that would sometimes make it work again. I did that to at least one window earlier and got at least one of them working again (I may have gotten both of them working but I don't remember). Anyhow I basically did this again and got the back window working for now.

This seems to be a temporary fix. Is there a way to fix this problem permanently without replacing the motor? If I need to replace the motor, how much are they and how hard are they to replace?
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I took off the switch panel and everything looks good. All the wires seems to be firmly in place. Am I supposed to somehow check the switch itself?

When I activate the switch I notice the inside lights will slightly dim so it must be drawing at least a little current.
The wires all look new. I've never taken the switch panel off before and I'm the only one that has owned this car.

I moved the switch module around while activating the switch but got nothing. The dimming lights thing is very slight and seems to be normal. You can barely tell it happens and the same thing happens if I try to roll up a working window that is already all the way up. That makes me think the switch itself is probably OK.

Do you still think it could be the switch or wiring?
Cool. I'll be looking for your post on which wires to use. I pulled out the switch module but I can't even tell which wires go to which switch.

With the help of you guys that know what you're doing, I just might end up with a working window yet.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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