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I love to see people still building LT1's, and it's even cooler in a car that deserves it as much as yours.
Agreed, I love LS setup but there are things I miss about my Golen/LE2 396. The sound of a built LT1 with a nice cam blows away any LS engine IMO. The LT1's always seem to have more a snappy feel down low. The simplicity of having the engine that came with the car with no added wiring and everything working as it did from the factory.

Plus, you look at some of the well built LT1 stroker setups and they do some impressive things. Bill Deblasio (Big Kahuna) runs consistent low 12's (and I THINK has been in the high 11's) with his Ellwein 383 in a pig heavy street car and he has been beating the crap out of it and driving it all over the place for years.

Nothing looks better in the engine bay either than an LT1, and the older and more rare these cars get the cooler it is to see things look original on these cars.
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