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I just finished installation of new wiper arms prior to ISSCA Nationals in Indy. I’m using OE parts, but from a newer model car—2000-2005 H-body (Buick LeSabre).

If your OE B-body arms are getting faded & ratty, if the blade mounting pin is worn, or if you have lots of wiper chatter and noise, you might want to consider this option.

These arms feature blade retention using a hook rather than the pin setup on the B-body arms. These arms also fold out (away from the glass) and stay out, a la “European” wiper arms, though they are much more common today here in the US, too, which makes windshield cleaning and wiper servicing much easier. I think the hook-mount design makes the blade more stable at it’s attachment point to the arm compared to the pin-mount design.

There is one detail to be aware of regarding the driver's side washer hose--posted further down in the thread--which you should read here before beginning the installation.

I’m using Bosch Icon wiper blades, which are the increasingly more common “beam” (Bosch calls it "bracketless") design - a simple arched spring steel strip with the rubber blade bonded to it—a very clean look, in my opinion, and very effective in use, too. The Icon design incorporates a full-length airfoil, which a number of new GM vehicles I’ve looked at recently are also using. Bosch is only making this wiper in the hook-mount design, thus my decision to change arms, too, and it was just luck that led me to the parts I selected.

The beam blade is available from other sources (TRICO), and the Bosch version is not inexpensive ($22 each at AutoZone), but so far this setup is working very well for me. My issues with the OE pin-type arm included considerable noise and chatter when conditions weren’t “perfect” as well as windshield cleaning and blade servicing being a bigger hassle. The new setup seems to be quieter and chatter-free in all conditions, so far.

The GM & Bosch PN’s for this installation are:

10364940 Wiper arm, RH
10364941 Wiper arm, LH
12367275 Cap, arm finial—covers retaining nut (2 req’d)
11589150 Nut, arm retaining—same as B-body (2 req’d)

Bosch Icon blades
422A 22” for Driver side (LH)
421B 21” for Passenger side (RH)

NOTE: The new passenger side arm, which is slightly longer than the original B-body arm, dictates use of a 21" blade. The Icon “B” blade for RH side also has greater beam tension to properly keep blade in contact on the right side of the windshield, considering that the blade coverage area is from the left side pivot point, and the glass curves away from the pivot point toward the passenger side.

You can still use conventional (like stock B-body) blades if you desire, but will need the hook-mount design in the proper lengths.

One consideration for anyone who competes in car shows will be whether these arms constitute a modification—I’m pretty sure under current ISSCA rules that this would bump you out of STOCK classification, but only a small number of owners are likely to be affected by this.

Pictures are posted further down within this thread.

I've also added a link to a thread in Miscellaneous regarding the cost of the Bosch blades identified in describing this mod.
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