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Wrecked 92 Wagon with L05 and towing package

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Someone slammed into me and destroyed my ‘92 wagon. It had the 5.7 TBI, a brand new transmission, the tow package, all the best stuff, and 102k miles. The junkyard wants to buy it, but this car is my baby. I am a college student and have no way to fix it myself, but I really don’t want it to die. Is anyone interested, or does anyone have any suggestions for where to find a replacement? Really want another with the tow package and everything. Attached below are all of the pictures, including the front frame damage. If someone who actually has the time and money to fix it were to buy it, I would be much more pleased than just junking my poor ol’ gal.

It’s already been taken to the junkyard, but I haven’t given them my title yet. Have like 20 days left.

Located in Indiana

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It's probably fixable at a frame shop, but likely financially unwise for a typical college student. Guessing you'd have $10k in making it like nothing happened.

Hopefully someone can make it functional again or at least make use of enough parts so that other cars may continue to live on. No specific interest in this car on my end.
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