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Wrecked 92 Wagon with L05 and towing package

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Someone slammed into me and destroyed my ‘92 wagon. It had the 5.7 TBI, a brand new transmission, the tow package, all the best stuff, and 102k miles. The junkyard wants to buy it, but this car is my baby. I am a college student and have no way to fix it myself, but I really don’t want it to die. Is anyone interested, or does anyone have any suggestions for where to find a replacement? Really want another with the tow package and everything. Attached below are all of the pictures, including the front frame damage. If someone who actually has the time and money to fix it were to buy it, I would be much more pleased than just junking my poor ol’ gal.

It’s already been taken to the junkyard, but I haven’t given them my title yet. Have like 20 days left.

Located in Indiana

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Oops. Just had a wagon with a perfect frame hauled off to the crusher this morning.
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At the very least, please save as many interior parts as possible. They are getting near impossible to find in good condition and could be swapped over to a new one if need be.
I’ve tried that more than once, it never works out. People won’t buy anything and there is nowhere to store the massive pile of parts. It all ends up in the trash.
Storage is cheap when you have it and expensive when you don't. Bottom line.

"Never" is a long time.
Guys who tossed all of the late 60s and early 70s Mopar parts are kicking themselves now. :)
Same goes for Pontiac parts of the same era. And Ford. And so on.

Could the 90s B-Body be that someday? Maybe? I can't predict the future. It has a good chance. People are much more accepting of 4-doors these days. LOL. And the B-Body wagons were the last of an era.

However, if a guy (or gal) plans to drive B-Bodies for the rest of his life (like I plan to), maintaining a cache of parts is key. Wagons are rare enough and prices are high enough to justify saving parts at this point ---- if you have the means, passion and ability to keep these crazy 30 year-old machines on the road.

I've always had a wish of working with a team to re-pop parts for these cars. I'd donate an entire interior. LOL. But the time still isn't right yet. They just aren't old enough (or popular enough yet?) to be interesting to companies like OPGI, Classic Industries, and so on.
They never will be either. Too low of production numbers and too many different parts. Each wagon has it's own tail lights, grill, bumper covers, etc. I have a wagon that I bought in 17 and will be driving it until I die. Folks can have their fancy new muscle cars and plug in bullshit, lol. I am collecting and keeping certain parts that I may need in the future and have plenty of room for them. That is it though, I no longer care what other people may need later.

My comment was more about keeping parts in the hopes that others may buy them. I've done that and no one ever buys ****. They talk a good game but rarely follow through. Have been waiting four years now for a member here to "get home and make a Paypal payment" for some parts that I actually still have, lol. Those parts sit in my way until I get tired of looking at them and toss them out. Those include the ultra rare OCC parts. I've bought several parts cars and the story is ALWAYS the same but I kept trying. I recently acquired a cheap parts car and made a post (Facebook which I know is the wrong place to ever sell anything) and was immediately hit with insane messages from people wanting to trade, asking for stuff I didn't have, etc. After the third one I removed the post, took what I needed from the car, tossed most of the interior (highly coveted Gray no less) right into the dumpster. Cut up the car and sent it straight to a crusher. Learned my lesson after a decade and a half. Take what I need and toss the rest.

Eventually only those of us that really care about/enjoy these cars will own them and the parts. I'm fine with that because the number is small anyways. Lots of sedan folks **** talk these wagons and the majority of people that like Station Wagons don't really like THESE Station Wagons. They only have slightly elevated levels of interest currently because of the hype being generated by millionaires paying heavily inflated prices for White Buicks with those tacky wood stickers on them ;)
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