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Hello all, I'm looking for the following items. Please PM me with what you have and the price.

  • 96 9C1 front bucket seats (blue). Will consider just 1 decent seat or a matched set from a 94 or 95. Not looking for perfect just not worn out and/or torn.
  • Cloth rear seat from a 96 9C1 (Blue or Grey).
  • Drivers door panel for a 96 9C1 or a full set of grey door panels.
  • Drivers seat belt 94 to 96 (Blue).
  • Rubber floor covering.
  • Black or Grey Monte Carlo or Lumina Steering wheel (non radio control).
  • Rear wheel well moldings 9C1
  • Steering column (grey) 94 to 96 with key.
Thanks in advance for your help.


I have a pair of blue 9c1 seats, the Lumina Steering wheel (black), and I might have the seat belt as well. I am 20 minutes from the Ambassador Bridge in Michigan.. PM me if interested.
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