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Yeah cheapest I can find now is like $130 after shipping, If I want the good stuff I gotta pay! I Might just try an aftermarket and see what happens,Im not too picky so it can't be that bad, or arleast I hope not.
I've heard horror stories about aftermarkets, but I found a really good one and have one extra if you want it. The guy I bought my paint from said he could get me a really good aftermarket one and told me that I didn't have to buy it if I didn't like it - I ordered 2 (was going paint one and keep as spare when I painted my car) but ran out of paint, so didn't. I'm picky and I like it. I've seen other aftermarkets that were horrible, though.

It's listed on my thread:

Pics are on post #28 on page 3

Also pic of mine after paint (before I installed my bowtie emblem):

Pic of aftermarket with bowtie laying on top so you get an idea of the fit, etc:

Bottom line - while I know there are a lot of junk aftermarkets, I've found at least one good one. Just FYI.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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