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I think it is a known rumor. The literature for the 9C1 says it has a heavy duty frame, there is no other info I am aware of that gives any detail. The sedan literature mentions a full frame, probably 2 different people wrote the copy.
95Wagon says the same thing 6 days ago in this thread.

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If I remember correctly, there are basically 4 frames for these cars:
  • "The regular one", which is used on all civilian b-body sedans (SS, civi Caprice, Roadmaster)
  • The 9c1 frame, which is basically the same, except beefier
  • The wagon frame, which is fully boxed, longer, and wider than the sedan frame
  • The Fleetwood frame, which is basically the regular sedan frame, except extended by about 6"
Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
Isn't it a known fact that the 9c1 frame is stronger?
Way back when we had a big discussion about the reported frame differences.
If I recall, we found that once people were comparing the same places, apples to apples,
could not see a difference.

"Heavy duty full perimeter frame"
doesnt say the other cars dont

Oh, and from the parts book

View attachment 193867
The only important differences between a civilian frame and a 9C1 frame - that has been OBSERVED by ISSF elders (some of whom no longer visit the ISSF) - are:
1) 9C1s included ALL of the body bushings; civilian frames are missing some (think it's 4 bushings missing?)
2) 9C1s used thicker stiffer bushings where the civilian frames used thinner squishier bushings

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A friend sent me the following snippet. Apparently it's a quote from this forum.

Civi Caprices - 0.100"
Roadmasters - 0.110"
9C1, Impala, Wagon - 0.125"
Fleetwood - 0.135"
A guy on the 9c1 forum confirmed these numbers by measuring a bunch of B-bodies. But he did say that he got a few Civi Caprices that had the 0.125" frames, but no 9C1 or Impalas with thinner frames. It may have been civvies with the V92 towing prep package. He did not say.
Wagon frames are fully boxed.
No mention of model year, or the method by which these measurements were obtained. How accurate are factory frame castings? Are they always going to be perfect when measured with the proper instrument?

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I recognize that quote and I fairly sure I was part of that thread, either directly or behind the scenes
Furthermore, If I recall correctly, at the time I measured my BRAND NEW untouched GM wagon frame and did not find the numbers quoted.
Those numbers looked to be a difference due to measuring points , stretching during forming, and error.

If solid evidence is, shown I will accept it but not " so in so says so "

My first hand measuring of a new part not jiveing with reported numbers and the parts book from in the day not showing multiple choices is what I am going by.
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