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I'm trying to T-56 swap a '78 Impala right now. All I have are the pedals and the transmission/bellhousing itself.

So, yeah, I need everything, haha.

Also, I'd like to get some better suspension stuff. I'd like some lowering springs, preferably the PPM ones (I may just buy new ones, can't decide between the DD and the autocross 1" drop ones though). And perhaps a good set of shocks, mine are still the factory '78 ones (and amazingly, they still work fine, though they're soft). And maybe some better swaybars- I have a set of the 9C1 ones, might be interested in something better if anyone has them and would make a decent deal.

Hell, if you have any good upgraded suspension bits used you'd like to unload, let me know! I'm damn near broke, I never intended to go this far with this car, and I'm pretty sure I'll have $5000 into a "free" car before all is said and done, haha.

I do need to get another gearset for my 10 bolt. Thinking like 3.23, 3.55, 3.73 at most. I do a lot of highway driving, and I really just need something that I won't destroy the clutch every time I drive it, unlike my 2.55s it has now. Would like it to be a posi as well, this open nonsense is for the birds.

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