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WTB?/WTS? Going to Nats? Post up what you can bring with you!

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If this isn't allowed, please move it to ISSCA Car Show Events or something.

If you're going to Nats and have parts for sale, or if you're looking for something that someone might be able to bring, post it here. We can link to this on the ISSCA website as well for new event registrants to see.

I personally am looking for:
* a '95-6 tan steering wheel and two-bugle airbag in good shape, and ideally the coil / clockspring / whatever to make it work
* the tan plastic cover over the driver's seat belt buckle (see photo)
* a set of '95-6 power mirrors, though it'll be a while before I could use them so the price would have to be low :p


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I have tons of parts that I have collected for years. Too darn many to list. I live one hour away from the venue. If folks are interested in parts, I can speak to them at the event. Some might be traveling north on Rt. 71 and 271 going home. I live 1.5 mils off of 71. Just sayin'
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