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Well, I killed my AC compressor the other day, its a belly-leaker now:(. I was gonna try and make it until this winter and R&R it, but either the heat or the price of a can of freon every day is gonna kill me if I don't get it addressed before then:mad:.

So, I figured i'd ask to see if anyone here would like to trade me a used genII compressor for the 92 taillights I saved off my 92 9C1 (a compressor that wasn't locked up, and wasn't leaking will work fine, I just need one that one that cools and holds freon for more than a day and a half).

I'll have them for life unless somebody here wants them (not for sale/trade off-forum), although eventually I'll get around to sinking $250+ into a brand new AC compressor, and I may try tinting them!


-Both sides need to be polished/buffed good (there's quite a few minor places and some swirlmarks on the lenses, wet-sanding/buffing will take them right out), and both sides need need the inboard chrome-clip replaced, or new chrome pieces altogether (or painted); the outer clips are the only ones holding the trim right now. They have actually been like that ever since I bought the '92 7 1/2 years ago, it wasn't evident unless you picked at it, but at the least, the clips need replacing.

Right Tail Chrome:

Left Tail Chrome:

And the back of them; They were in storage above my car in the garage, so they need to be cleaned thoroughly, inside and out (I wish I had kept the spare sockets plugged in the holes, but I needed them awhile back). I used flitz on a rag and quickly buffed the lenses so they didn't look like antiques, and also so you could get a better representation of the shape they are in.
Link to photobucket album: Caprice 9C1 Taillights/

No hurry here, I bought the last can of freon I'm gonna buy before I fix it, and the car is parked for now unless its in the low 60's at night here!
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