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So, think twice about these guys.

Looked at some automotive tools on their sight .

" In stock , next day shipping"

I purchased on the 8th
Get a email on the 13th saying it was shipped

I asked for a tracking number, no response

Get a auto generated email on the 19th asking me to review my purchase.

Request tracking number again

They respond on the 20th with "I am checking with the manufacturer now"

I asked why because they already shipped ( remember they said in stock)

Responded today (25th ) , "This is still on backorder, did you want to keep this open or cancel?"

All the time, it still says on their websight " in stock ready to ship"

Ah , the good old days, brick and mortar businesses with parts in stock when they say they are !!!!!
As opposed to some clown in a apartment with a shiny webpage
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