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Yacht video

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Some old fart with a hood ornament:
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quote: '95 Fleetwood with some improvements

With comparatively flat ride, most all in the suspension I suspect. And interesting where the extinguisher might be mounted in the rear. The 'non-hardfreeze region' pavement is a nice touch. While not exactly 'street racing' by any stretch, the active roadwork, superlative deer-rich quality foliage, tires bumping their limit, and statistically dismal driving skills of each and every one of those oncoming, all add up to nearly exceeding prudent speed. Not that I would have thought so when I was a younger fart. ;)

It looks like a clean ride, and reminds me a.) I really need a dashcam, and b.) I'll certainly be doing the gunsight delete again when mine gets re-painted. The fender indicators frame the view perfectly without it IMO.

EDIT: From response to another thread Ima think I know who's driving?
Well, invested another 4 minutes of my life and watched it again. I get the impression driver has made that run at least a few times prior. And that Albanian ?"road" looks like it woulda' been a hoot with my old Corvair.
I think it's you Bob. Fess up.

Mark: Snowman-33

No, not this time. That thar looks like it could pass for Ozarks hills, but some of the trees don't look right. And the lack of crappy pavement eliminates Missourah. It struck me more like Appalachian terrain - make of that what you may. lol I'd like to know the susp. setup though. It reminds me more of my old FTSS (sigh) than the setup on my current one.

Not impressed if one has to cross the double yellow to negotiate the highway.

Any deducted points more than countered by valiant effort to resuscitate the FW section. ;)
AHA! I knew it! Laudable upfits all, making the wheels/tires the weakest link. Ya ain't gonna believe your enhanced quality of life with 18's and some oversized rubber. Not quite re-birth perhaps but:

And the new design steering spheres = neato: gm, buick, cadillac, chevrolet, oldsmobile, & pontiac steering column internal parts knucklepivot 26001507 | Steering Column Services

I really have to rein in the impulses with my current FWB to keep from changing even a single thing more from what I've already done. I sure would love a set of sacked out SS coils, but then the law requires Bilsteins all around - and THEN I'd be tempted to stick a second rear bar on again, - and THEN there's those rear discs, and THEN.....

My old car was --> perfect <-- for (really really) long solo commutes mixed with the occasional enjoyment of abrupt direction changes around town. My current rig is getting speced as a 'stealth blu-hair couple cross-country sleeper'. It's shaping up pretty well. The hitch serves as an acceptable Buick brace, but some things on the table might be that F-body front brace, plus I have a set of DM braces but was saving them for the black car. With everything set it's time for an alignment, so I'll have it done using the 'spirited SS driving' numbers. None of those would affect straightline interstate cush, but then in the turns........... But enough about me, you ought to set up a sig if any other goodies on yours eh.
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I just got back from a week in the Smoky Mtns for the Fall colors = great region, charming treacherous 2-lane paved goat paths they call 'roads', and more than enough overlooks and trails to explore. I misplaced your previous recommendation on dash cams and interested your take on what's out there now v. what you use.
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