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So I work full time as a crisis clinician (therapy and evaluation of indigent people for mental health treatment) and recently began to do some on call work, which was throwing about $700/month my way.

I was pretty excited about this, and then my wife lost her job. Once that happened I started applying for some part time positions in the area to make some extra dough, and I figured that if i could pull down another $1500 per month we'd be okay.

So I applied at a geriatric psych unit to do the same job part time (PRN actually) but that pays $5 more per hour, so i figure, awesome! Same thing i do now, but easier because its old people, not cracked out psychotics that want to fight me. I ace the interview, and end up Bull****ting with the director of nursing and their full time social worker and figure, Ive got this **** in the bag.

So I fax them my resume and transcript, as well as some evaluations from my full time job. Then nothing, no response, and no return of calls.

So then my wife gets a job that pays just as well as her old one, and life is good again. No worries.

Then I find out that I wont be able to make my extra $700 - $1000 per month on call because they hired someone to do it full time. Well ****, that sucks, right?

Im on call all this weekend, and I cannot do it after Sunday night since the new clinician starts then.

Then, magically, the HR department from the hospital calls me asking to set up an orientation. The interview was a month ago, and I never heard back from them, so I had given up. Apparently they fogot to offer me a job, and hired me anyways. Oh well, such is life

I guess I start after Christmas and my pee test, now I can make an extra $2k per month instead

Happy times
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