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You guys are gonna be on TV!

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Don’t touch that ISSCA dial, set yourself for Cruise Control Xtreme!!!

July 30, 2013 by Don Lambert
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You can’t get anymore Xtreme than this. ISSCA is pleased to announce their partnership with Cruise Control Xtreme and Phoenix Media Productions for the 2013 Impala Nationals. CCX hosts “Redline” Ryan Seavey and Vince “The Taz” Monticciolo will be with us for the ENTIRE 2013 Impala Nationals located here in Cabarrus County/Concord, NC aka “Where Racing Lives.”

Cruise Control Xtreme is Charlotte’s original hot rod build show with over 3+ million local viewers airing weekly every Friday night @ 7:30 p.m.. CCX is owned and operated by Phoenix Media Productions based in Fort Mill, SC and is the sole production company for CCX.

“Having Redline & The Taz Man with us helps ISSCA put this years event over the top. I am thrilled to have them with us to “Cruise” through this years event to make it even more Xtreme,” stated ISSCA Public Relations Officer Robert Wagoner.

Cruise Control Xtreme will be at the event interviewing YOU the ISSCA members, and getting great video of the action packed week at many of this years events, and more. They will be also be doing a TV segment based on the Nationals, and as a added bonus will also be producing a two disc DVD set that captures all the Nationals highlights to offer those who are interested. ISSCA members can purchase the DVD at the event for a low pre-paid cost of $25.

“When ISSCA, and Robert approached us and asked if we would be interested in covering the event, doing a show, and produce a DVD for the members I knew this was something we wanted in on. From the itinerary that ISSCA has sent us we can’t wait to see and participate in all these amazing events that they have planned. It looks like our Cruise Control Team is going to be Xtremely busy.” – stated Redline Ryan.

CCX is a full build show with so much more to offer its viewers and advertisers, from live events to Charity Car Shows/Cruise in’s and builds where the fans get to interact with the host’s and the show making for a loyal viewing audience. CCX also brings the automotive enthusiast in touch with all the premier products and companies in the market place in the world of hot rods and custom cars.

“Having Cruise Control Xtreme with us this year is a huge deal. Not only will it be a thrill to have the event covered and documented, but it will also be a great way for the ISSCA members who could not attend the Nationals this year have a way to still be a part of it. The DVD will also be a great item to have to remember this event for years to come. We wanted to go big this year, and this by all means just adds to it.” – states ISSCA President Bill DeBlasio. (hey that's me!)

Ryan Seavey is on the forefront of what’s NEW and UP-Coming in the Hot Rod and Racing world, Ryan has been involved in motorsports for 30+ years with experience in both Drag Racing and Oval track with win’s where he was well known for pushing the limits of race cars and himself becoming known as Mr. “Redline” Ryan.

Vince Monticciolo brings not only his numerous years of automotive experience to the table but also his 30+ years of film and photography experience and a creative eye that customers and fans both enjoy watching. Vince is an accomplished builder and this along with his unique eye he adds that extra spice to this award winning team.

For more information on Cruise Control Xtreme TV, and what they offer its viewers feel free to visit them at
For up to date news and information on the ISSCA Impala SS Nationals you can visit the Impala SS Clubs of America at– events section. Information will also be available on AutoGuide’s website – ISSCA News section.
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If I'm not ISSCA member- can I still order DVD?
Hells yeah Baby!

If I'm not ISSCA member- can I still order DVD?
Sure can the DVD set will be available for anyone who would like to purchase a copy
Well this does it.

BK an Fandetti and ect..... will finally have to be on their best behavior. They didn't tell you there will be a secret spy cam in the Hotel parking lot to spice up the event.
Sure can the DVD set will be available for anyone who would like to purchase a copy
Already.. Thanks!

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BK an Fandetti and ect..... will finally have to be on their best behavior.
There isn't a chance Bobo and BK will be on their best behavior. Which means this could be my first AND last year as ISSCA Prez. :D
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