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hi gang, fabs here, just wanted to get your input on this i know that a police packaged cap. has a few different extra goodies compared to a civilian model. Seeing as i live in canada, where our winters can at times be a little fierce, my first thing that i like about a police pk. is that it has better gearing (lim. slip.) where it'll be easier to get out of the snow, but is this the main reason why a police pk. is more favorable? i kinda like the idea of a heavier duty frame, bigger alt. battery...but in terms of engine, now i know that a police car has had the ****-kicked out of it but i also believe that with their maintenance schedule it has been taken car of. what is your oppinion on this matter? what would you choose between the two..let me know.thanks

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Hey Fabs, I can relate to your
decision making, did you go back to see the
L99 Caprice? Was it in good condition?
When I was looking for one I got down to two
cars, one was an original owner and one was an
original police car.
The 9C1 had the LT1 and posi, plus other standard
police options(not much), full undercover detective car and only 75,000 kms, but NO extra options.
The civilian car had every option I could find, except for the 9C1, which was a 350 or leather.
I had a FULL binder of service records and
a computer disk with the mileage and gas
consumption since the car was new.
BUT, and here is the big one, it had
140,000 kms. The price more for the 9C1, of course.
I figured that I liked the civilian car more
because it had a rare paint color, many, many
options and was maintained with GM parts only.
The choice was easy, I bought the Civilian car.
To this day I have never looked back, I had
kept track of the VIN of the 9C1 and ran
into the new owner at a car show. This poor
person has had the worst luck with his car.
He showed me bills for a rebuilt engine, tranny, rearend posi, computer, and windshield.
The car only had 89,000 kms on it then.
As you can see, luck is always a factor in
buying a car, just look hard and long at a car you
are thinking about, sometimes a good car is
better than a great car.
Oh Yeah, I didn't mention that the two cars
were a 93 Civilian LS, and a 95 9C1 LT1.
Others here might say to go with the LT1, but
hey, I didn't the other guy did.
Don't get me wrong, I am still looking for an
LT1 or L99 for the winter months.
ANYONE got one here in Canada???

The post is long, but I've seen longer.
Good luck, and maybe I will see you at the
Kingston Impala Show.

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93 TBI guy hey how are you? I live at Jane and Steeles in North York Toronto. As you know I work at the shop you visited for parts. I was wondering if you'd like to be my cruise partner sometime.

Does any of your beassts sport the police appearance?? Mines sure does and im' looking for other 9c1's to cruise around with me and show Toronto 9c1's still live and rule!!! I hate it when everyone says the Crow
n Vics are the only cop cars they know of.

So where did you buy your cars from? I bought my car right from where I work because my boss hits auctions regulalrly. I'm planning on selling my car now for I have a thirst for the 96' 9c1. I want a clean, unmarked cruiser with those 9c1 wheel covers that look extra serious.

Oh yeah to fabs, Do your homework, research, and have a stright and open mind. That should find you a beautifull car, best of luck freind!!

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Hey 9C1Crusier, I haven't seen you post here for a while. I saw that you listed your Cap for sale, now I understand why. You too have the LT1 bug, like the others.
I actually don't drive my car very often at all, usually just to a car show, or the TAISSO meets, or out to dinner on the weekends. It's a Classic LS, so I don't have any "Police Look" as you say. Just some
17 Rims. I haven't worked on my car for a while now, I've been working on a 69 Firebird
which I drive daily, and cruise some local shows.
If you are looking for others in TO, try the
TAISSO club, I think they are up to about 40 members and are going to Cayuga Dragway this
Saturday. I am sure they wouldn't mind if others wanted to show up too.
You also might want to check out the Kingston
Show coming up in June, I'm trying to make it there too.
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