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You now only have a little over 48 hours to register for the 5th anuual ISSCA Nationals in St. Louis, with GRAIL! :cool: Also, remember that there will be another drawing at the end of this month for free lodging on the nights of the 15th and 16th of June. To enter this drawing, make sure your ISSCA membership is current, and be registered and paid up for the 2007 ISSCA Nationals. We will announce the winner no later than June 6th.

For online registration, or mail in forms, go here:

Mailed in registrations must be postmarked by May 31, 2007 and they can be mailed to:

Impala SS Club of America
433 Kitty Hawk Drive
Suite 113
Universal City, Texas 78148

Again, the last day for early registrations is this Thursday, so don't put it off any longer. Go to right now!!!!!

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Registered, but forgot to book the room. Woops, too late! Luckily I have a sister right nearby.
I'll be paying special attention to the room drawing, LOL!

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'Lil birdy whispered in my ear:

# First Name Last Name State or Provence
1 Alfred Kruer Indiana
2 Alfredo Leanos Illinois
3 Allen Igarashi Georgia
4 Austin Armstrong Texas
5 Barry Barsh Georgia
6 Barry Schumann Texas
7 Bill DeBlasio New York
8 Bill Henry Arkansas
9 Bill Harper Georgia
10 Bob Fandetti Tennessee
11 Bob Borchers Florida
12 Bradley Salemie Maryland
13 Brian Filby Oklahoma
14 Brian Smyers Ohio
15 Carla Russo Missouri
16 Casey Dunn Arkansas
17 Chad Christensen Texas
18 Charles Hinckle Illinois
19 Chris Pustizzi New Hampshire
20 Chris Mallory New Jersey
21 Christopher Nickell Illinois
22 Dale Daily Ohio
23 Darwin Beck Iowa
24 Dave Duncan Virginia
25 Dave Hulshoff Missouri
26 David May Ohio
27 David Bass Indiana
28 David Schmitz Texas
29 Dean Cochran Indiana
30 Doug Wood Georgia
31 Dwayne Jennings Wisconsin
32 Ed Runnion California
33 Ed Bowser Illinois
34 Elias Shaheen Illinois
35 Eric Johnson Indiana
36 Erik Bergman Connecticut
37 Gary Cardarelli Maryland
38 Gary Reas Alabama
39 Gene Zebley Georgia
40 Gerald Harris Texas
41 Glen Koenig Pennsylvania
42 Gregory Wilson Alabama
43 Harvey Clark Arkansas
44 James Swanton Ontario
45 James Joslin Minnesota
46 James Person Indiana
47 Jay Johnson Texas
48 Jerry Kohout Illinois
49 Jerry Cronkleton Illinois
50 Jesse Jackson Jr New Jersey
51 Jim Chesnutt Wisconsin
52 John Rafteseth Georgia
53 John Madeley Illinois
54 John Ruffo Texas
55 John Berg Minnesota
56 John Lindback Minnesota
57 John Alusick Texas
58 John Williamson Florida
59 Jose Rodriguez Texas
60 Justin Schleier Illinois
61 Justin Wells Kansas
62 Karl Ellwein Maryland
63 Kelly Munsey Tennessee
64 Ken Pagel Wisconsin
65 Ken Hennessy Michigan
66 Kevin Woods Texas
67 Lance Bartling Colorado
68 Les Griffin Arkansas
69 Louis Pascucci Virginia
70 Mark Holobigian New York
71 Mark Sulimirski Georgia
72 Mark Serrian Pennsylvania
73 Mark Reynolds Missouri
74 Matt Cronkleton Illinois
75 Michael Hanlon Pennsylvania
76 Michael Cramer Ohio
77 Michael Nichlos Missouri
78 Michael Harris Ohio
79 Michelle Mallory New Jersey
80 Mike Reynolds Kansas
81 Nabil Guffey Maryland
82 Natalie Bartling Colorado
83 Paul Troup Georgia
84 Paul Roswell Connecticut
85 Paul Tornow Jr. Ohio
86 Phillip Sheffield Indiana
87 Rich Armstrong Texas
88 Richard Hartop Illinois
89 Richard Conner Tennessee
90 Rick Matthews Texas
91 Robert Mabry Missouri
92 Robert Mabry Missouri
93 Robert Nobling Tennesse
94 Robert Raypole Arizona
95 Robert Schmidt Illinois
96 Robert Lane Alabama
97 Shane Cobb North Carolina
98 Shawn Drake Tennessee
99 Shelby Luebbert Missouri
100 Stewart K. Svendsen New York
101 Terry Kehne Tennessee
102 Thomas Luebbert Missouri
103 Thomas Bauman Ohio
104 Thomas Pierce Georgia
105 Tim Head Illinois
106 Todd Barnes Texas
107 Tom Dinkel Illinois
108 Tom Dutton Missouri
109 Tony Tressel Illinois
110 Travis Filby Oklahoma
111 Trevor Byrne Colorado
112 Unie Campbell Indiana
113 William Crovo Massachusetts

If you don't see your name, contact Heather at the ISSCA Offices ASAP or register here: 2007 ISSCA Nationals Registration Page !

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