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I got in to my '94 9C1 to go to work and the seat just went automaticly to recline position (as in the back touched the back seat). I tried to pull it back to up position but put a slight bit of weight on it and back I went. So I recon the catch is loose or something (since I noticed the recline lever was out of whack) and I didn't hear a "crack" or a "snap" as I got my chunky self in :D .

Since I needed to get to work and I was already running a bit late I dropped a milk crate on the floor and this kept the seat propped (been in similar situation before in a different ride so I knew a ghetto fix
). People look at me all weird when they see a milk crate in my trunk (1000 and one use for it like crazy glue and duct tape). Then again I did have a shovel and a bag of lime (not the fruit).

I'll go in to it when I get home for a quick looksy. It'll be nice if it's just a nut or a bolt that came un-done. Or is this a way she's telling me to get better seats
? So anyone else have a similar deal and what was your fix (new(er) seat, drill a hole and install a bolt and a nut (or a few)

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I hear ya on the milk crate, i've kept one in my trunk since the day i got my car. I don't know what to say about your seat other than if you have cash for a seat upgrade i'd say this is a good excuse to do it.

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Well, it's pretty bad. The up-right adjuster (see pic
) rail weld has busted. So now I know why the lever was all cockeyed. I took off the power adjuster and also seen fractures on the mounting bracket (not too bad but it'll be needing some attention). I also have cracks in the seat frame (from chunky people driving also see pic
). I'm sure I can have the welds re-welded and have them beef it up (cracks and welds).

I called around all the boneyards in the phone book and it doesn't look good (except one I need to call back). Me thinks I'll have better luck jacking a cab for parts (that reminds me I'll call up the Taxi garages to see if they have a parts car). But for now I'll be riding on the passenger seat (swapped out the rails
) since it was pretty easy fix. So, we'll see what dude has to say and if I have to settle for a weld jobby-job.

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Spent the day (Monday) at the junk yards in my neck of the woods. I went to the one that said they had a 1991 Caprice with decent seats. They were decent but it was a 60/40 not buckets. The ride did have nice tail lights but dude wanted 65 bones a pop (I was thinking $25/$30 a pop) so I passed on them. Went and did my circle on the ones around my loop of Bone Yards which was mostly a waste of gas and time. Most told me to try the ones in San Jose (I will at later time).

So, I decided to have the seat welded for as a temp. fix. I called around and found one couple of streets down from me. I told dude that I wanted the rail re-welded and slap a piece of metal to relieve the pressure from the cracking seat bolt down. The re-patch might've been guly but that chunk of metal really beefed up the thin metal.

Rail re-welded

Seat Beefed Up.

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