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I ordered the front end kit on 10/3.

I recieved word that it would ship out at the end of the week on 10/4.

Then pretty much NO contact until from 10/4 until 10/22 or 10/23. I had called & left voicemail, sent emails, posted here on the forum, and all went unreturned/unanswered.

On 10/23, I get an email indicating parts were on back order.

On 10/26, I get an email with a UPS tracking number.

On 10/31, UPS indicates package was delivered. The box was kinda flimsy as it was relabeled/reused. The opening had a 1 inch+ gap covered by tape. Granted, these are pretty sturdy parts, but I'd hate to see one of the bearing mating surfaces get dinged up.

I called my neighbor to retrieve the package because of trick or treaters. I'd hate to have gone through all this grief to end up having some punk ass kids walk with a box of useless parts! Luckily, it was still there at 7pm.
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