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Hello to all,

My wallet has informed me that even 5 years later, I still can't afford an authentic ImpalaSS. So I go to a lot I know of that deals exclusively in old police fleets and look at a 96 9c1. I assume it was a 9c1 (the lot was close so I couldn't ask) because they had spray painted over all the municipal logo's. My questions are this... did the 96 Caprice's get the analog display and the floor shifter like the Impala did in 96?

What should I look out for? These cars look like they have been sitting for 5 years.


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It won't have those items you're looking for, but the plain-jane digi cluster actually has more guages than the '96 SS. Furthermore, if you can get it cheap, I would say "Go for it!", unless you're really set on the guages/console. It should come with cloth or vinyl seats that are pretty much the same dementions as SS seats, where you could possibly look into getting a console, and slowly building a clone. Best of all, the engine compartment will come with the green silicone hoses, and the engine oil cooler up front! Better than the standard SS performance package and higher reliability, and durability for a fraction of the cost. The poor man's SS! I wouldn't buy it, if it wasn't a genuine 9C1 though. You would end up spending a lot to get it to come close to an SS/9C1's performance. I'm not real sure what to look out for, but I'm sure others on the forum will. Look at all the 9C1 owners on this forum, and the REALLY awesome things they have done with their cars! Not being able to afford an SS may be the coolest thing to happen to you!
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nope no anolog or floor shifter sucks huh
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Thumbs up

Hey, after you've picked out your car, maybe
you could give us the address of the dealer,
so others can check it out too.
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Here's something to look out for: not all 9C1's came with the LT1. And the only differences I have seen between the LT1 and the smaller L99 are the alternators, but I don't know how reliable of an indicator that is. If it has factory dual exhaust I would be pretty sure it has the LT1.

To be sure it is a 9C1, you can look for the SPID label in the trunk. It will say 9C1 if that is what it is!

To be honest, I like the shifter by the steering wheel better than on the floor.

And the thing about them sitting for 5 years, I would listen for strange sounds, check for oil leaks, you know things like that. It would be a good idea to take a mechanic along with you if you are unsure about how a good one runs.
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Well, you can look at the SPID sticker for the 9C1 option, and as long as it's a '94-'96 Caprice 9C1, check the "Vehicle emission Control Information" sticker, and look at the top left hand corner of the sticker, and look for 5.7liter. If it say's 5.7liter, and it's between '94-'96 9C1, it's a LT1.
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Look for dual ehausts, and check the SPID sticker that is glued onto the trunk lid, look for options like LT1, 9C1 and a G80(posi), but not too many came with a posi so if the one doen't come with one don't worry you could always get one online and put it in, also look at the vin # if am not mistaken if the 8th character there is anything besides a W it is a 9c1 and comes with an LT1 engine
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Grlfrend's9C1:
The eighth VIN character must be "P".
When you pop the trunk, find these codes, in no particular order:
9C1 Police Package.
LT1 5.7Litre V8 Engine (not L99)
V03 Cooling Package.
7P8 Auxiliary Engine Oil Cooler.
KD1 Auxiliary Trans Oil Cooler.
7L9 Power Steering Fluid Cooler.
EITHER 7B3 or 8X3 Special Police Suspension.
1Z2 Hot Melt Pads.
When you pop the hood, you should notice green hoses for the coolant system. 9C1, plus V03 =
1T1 Silicone Coolant hoses. This code should also be in the trunk sticker.
These are the codes that remove the glory from the WX3 ImpalaSS, or the WX8 CapriceSS, in exchange for higher durability.
FYI:9C6-Taxi.1A2-Special Service Wagon.
If you find ALL the above codes, you're still doing fine.
Visit Rob Cheek's ImpalaSS FAQ and look under "Police Package (9C1) Caprices". Then visit WWW.9C1.COM and click on "brochures". This will give you all you need to know and more.

One more thing: my girlfriend's 9C1 has two cats, one muffler, one resonator, and one tailpipe. On ALL B-Bodies with option code LT1, EXCEPT for the Impala SS and the Roadmaster Limited, dual exhaust was an OPTION. Unless you drive both back to back at WOT, your gluteal accelerometers won't know the difference. (Sorry if that was a little loud).
If it was worth it, let me know.

1996 Caprice Classic LT-1 Dual exhaust is standard equipment.
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Be careful buying a 9C1, there are many things to consider, other than the neat stuff it has over a regular Caprice or Impala. The whole "spray painted over" decals is pretty bad. They just peel off, so this makes me think this is shoddy workmanship. You should look for holes from the light bar, push bars, and antenna's. Body work isn't cheap or easy, especially with a coke can sized hole in the roof and a few quarter sized holes from push bars (you would need a new bumper cover for the front $300 and maybe the back $300). Seats $400 and carpet $300 are rarely any good (if they even have them) in a 9C1, and considering the price of replacements you might want to think about this. Rarely do these cars come with some of the "creature comforts" the Impala has. You can kiss power seats goodbye. Of course, mileage and the heavy duty wear put on these cars is a major concern. As far as I know the only differences between a civilian and 9C1 Caprice is a oil/tranny/power brake cooler, lifetime hoses, springs, slightly stronger frame, and a few others I forget at the moment. Let's just put it this way... cost of a complete piece of crap '95 9C1: $8,000(actual car). Price of a mint condition, perfect civilian '96 Caprice: $9,300(actual car). Rough estimated cost to make civilian into 9C1 yourself: $800 +/-. Make sure you look at this from all angles before you buy. I originally wanted a 9C1, but then I looked at around 35 cars, and am now the very happy owner of a civilian Caprice. If you still want a 9C1, my advice is to save your pennies and be patient. There are some great ones out there, just wait until you find one and don't settle for something that may become a money pit. Just my two cents.
Good luck,
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if you go with a 9C1, make sure you have about $1200 to $1500 set aside for a tranny....GM Certa trannys come with a warranty.....LT-1 + cop driving habits= short trans life expectancy

rear ends take a beating too
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