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What are my options? What about some flow numbers? Porting? Let me see some options. ALso, what about cams?
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Heads, porting, Cam.....Now you just bought yourself a real engine. it's probably cheaper to just get your hands on an LT1 and start with that.

Ben Bawkon
96 DCM - (4DR-LT1)
[email protected]

**Never Look Back; Those Flashing Red and Blue Lights will Drive you Crazy**
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by UltraZone:
What are my options ? What about some flow numbers? Porting? Let me see some options. ALso, what about cams?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

For a 305? Haven't you tried the search feature (upper right corner of this screen) ?

You can't (shouldn't) overcam the 305 in a 4200 lb car, so IMO the warmest cam you should use is any of the LT1 cams, B or Fcar, or the LT4 cam. You can port the 305 heads (there's a guy on the ThirdGen web site http://www.thirdgen.org that has the full story w/pictures on porting his 305 heads but I will say that you (and he) will be LUCKY after a LOT of careful grinding to even equal the stock unported L31 Vortec heads.

Posting info here, and asking a few questions is ok but you are NOT going to get a wealth of help here because almost ALL of the 305/350 TBI knowledge resides on the ThirdGen web site. There aren't enough people here in Bcarland that have done 89-93 mods on TBI cars, and documented the results on the track. Not yet.

Do a search on this site for TBI mods, and/or 305; then go read the archives on the ThirdGen site.
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UZ- I, too, have been asking these questions since this forum started. After much discussion I have come to this conclusion: Because of GM's design, the 305 will be very expensive to modify in order to get it into the 350hp area (my goal). For the dollars spent to obtain this HP I can just do this (I'm saving my pennies )...

Ram Jet 350 PFI
Engine Part # 12495515
Price: $4,475.00
<LI>Horsepower: 350 hp @ 5200 rpm
<LI>Torque: 400 ft lbs. @ 3500 rpm
<LI>Compression Ratio: 9.4 to 1
<LI>Block: Cast Iron 2-Bolt, 4.000" Bore
<LI>Crankshaft: Nodular Iron, 3.480" Stroke
<LI>Heads, Chamber Size: Vortec, 64cc
<LI>Valves (I/E): 1.940"/1.500"
<LI>Camshaft, Lift (I/E): 0.431"/0.451"
<LI>Dur. @ 0.050" (I/E): 196/207 degrees
<LI>Intake: Ram Jet PFI[/list]
All of my stock accessories (alternator, power steering pump, air conditioner, etc) will bolt right on, so I won't have to spend any extra $$$ on that stuff.

This crate motor and others (like the 502cid 502hp engine) can be found at Scoggin-Dickey in Lubbock, TX. ( http://www.sdpc2000.com )

I'm not telling you that you shouldn't mod your engine, I'm just saying that, for me, there was a choice between major $$$ for mods or major $$$ for a crate motor. The crate motor won.

Jay - 93 DGGM Caprice "SS"

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Well, i'm asking because i'm entertaining ideas like having a supercharged 305. That sounds killer. I mean, who out there has a supercharged 305? on a caprice? NOONE!! Well, maybe its for a reason, so i'm finding what i can. I haven't made up my mind, and am still looking for ideas and options. Also, running about 10 psi, i'd be looking at 400 ponies with the right heads and cam.

I just want to know what kind of stuff will bolt up to the 305. And i've been on this board for quite some time and i'm pretty sure there's nothing about this on this board already, so that's why i didn't search the board. but i'll check out the thirdgen.com board. thanks.
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Won't regular 350 heads work with my 305 in my 91? I've got a friend with a set for $50 that I have considered.
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exactly ultrzone thats one of the reasons i want to stay with the 305 because its different it maybe a lil bit more expensive but it money well spent when you see the faces on the people when you tell them its only a 305

92 CAPRICE LTZ stock 305,3.23gears,pete jackson gear drive,K&Nfilter,duel exuast,ssgrille,clear fronts and rear lights,msd 8.5 wires x4plugs
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350 heads will bolt on to a 305, but you will run into problems. The bore on a 305 is smaller than a 350, therefore causing valve shrouding issues with a 350 head, among other things.

Just a suggestion, before I sold my 91 I had considered buying a LT1 powertrain and necessaries for a swap. At that time it was cost prohibitive. Now, you can pick up an engine/trans/harness/PCM for $2000-$3000. Why not just make a swap? I enjoy being different than everyone, which is why I like running 12's in a 4200lb vehicle, but why kill yourself trying to make a 305" 4200lb car run fast. No flames, but I think you'll spend far more and still be slower. To pump a daily driver a little bit is ok, but a 305 is not going to haul *** in heavy car.

Pat Flavin
'94 B4U LT1, NA350-12.86
'94 9C1 LT1, stock-14.94
'99 SS Y2Y, stock
2.22 60',[email protected]
'95 Blazer, stock (for now)
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