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Okay here is the problem - I have a v6 b-body. I need to change that to an L05 b-body asap. I want to buy a crate 350 or maybe 383 motor and TBI it like an L05 and claim that the motor is my 'tweaked' L05 - if I keep cats etc I may be able to pass emissions this way. There are four possible engines for this:

Goodwrech 350 - think its aorund 250 or 285 hp - $1500ish (need 5.7 holley TBI,and manifold)- should put me in 15s or 14s

Base 350 HO - 330hp/380tq would need at least a grand in accessories so getting pricey esp with TBI because vortech to TBI manifold is almost 400$ - 3500$

zz4 - 355/405 - 13s
May be hard to convince the emissions guys its a tweaked L05 - don't pop the hood though and don't know the laws on this for NJ and IL... Says for use in pre 76 vehicles though... Also expensive - $4000ish

383 crate engine - 325/415 - 2600$ - not sure I want a truck engine in the caprice but I'm sure all that torque couldn't hurt...

What have you all done to get L05s? - I don't want a junkyard motor... ad building 'em yourself always seems to cost more than the crate motors and I don't want to get that into it - don't want to have to buy a ton of new tools...

What would I need to do to keep TBI with one of these motors as far as computer/ fuel/ injectors etc... What are the laws on switching an injected car to carb?
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i take it this is a pre '91 car?
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its an 88 - what happened in 91?

I'm wondering if the zz4 may be too hopped up (rpms) for a daily driver - maybe the crate 383 truck engine would be a good choice - 415 ft/lbs and 325 hp - not bad and could be upgraded later.

The question is: how do I pas a tail pipe test with it - if I install airpump, egr, cats - will it fly?

I have decided I love this car enough to save for a real engine - I want to keep this car for all future hotrodding and as I am in college I don't have time/ resources to build my own motor so the crate is probably the best choice - anyone ever done anything like this?

How much hp can the TBI system support?
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The stock TBI will support 220-230 hp. Yep, that's it. Beyond that you'll need to start modding/replacing the TBI with a BB unit or Holley. For low hassle, get the Caprice L05 crate engine and put on a 5.7 TBI. Find or buy the police car injectors and computer chip. The crate engine is very cheap and is plenty fun. It'll work with little fuss and it'll give you time to research/save for other options.
If your 88 was carbed, you'll need to put in a pump for FI and run a return line to the tank.

Almost all of the GM hp ratings are for a carbed induction.
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Jim pace sells 350 TBI engines. i was thinken about one for my CC or the 94 GMC Sierra I own that also has an L03.
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ya and there under 1500 - has anyone seen a better deal than this on L05s? I was thinking about a performance parts crate too such as the base 350 HO as its much more powerful but I don't want to lose fuel injection - what would I need to support 330 hp with TBI?
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I would not be afraid at all to drop that 383 crate motor in the caprice. 325 HP & 415 lbs ft is a pretty awesome street ride. add some gears (i.e. 3.42) and you are ready to go. As a matter of fact several car mags (Chevy High Perf. Hot Rod etc)have done articles on this 383 crate motor & there is some serious potential. Just by adding 1.6 rockers bumps horses to 348 and torque to over 435. It would also give you some options as far as fuel intake is concerned. It will work with a carb, TBI or EFI. As far as a truck engine, there isn't much difference between the engines you listed, as far as the bottom end is concerned other than the cam. I guess it all goes back to the question: What are you gonna do with this car? Keep us posted on what you are gonna do.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by USS Caprice:
... I was thinking about a performance parts crate too such as the base 350 HO as its much more powerful but I don't want to lose fuel injection - what would I need to support 330 hp with TBI?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

To get to 330 fwhp with TBI you will need, at minimum:

1. L31 Vortec heads (1996-1999 truck 350 head)

2. Vortec/TBI compatible intake manifold

3. at minimum, a roller cam on-par with the factory LT1 F/Y camshaft (i.e. 201/208 degs i/e, 0.45" lift with 1.5 rockers). note that the Ycar LT1 was rated at 300 fwhp, and slight mods would up this to the 330 range, so the F/Y cam is enough to do the job provided you have very good heads/intake/exhaust. A bigger cam than the F/Y LT1 (or equivalent) will also do the job but at the expense of low-speed part-throttle driveability.

4. either the so-called "Ultimate TBI mods" per the tech article on a 305/350 TBI unit, or, the 454 TBI. The stock unmodified 305/350 TBI unit can support 310+ fwhp, so with minor mods to up the airflow, 330 fwhp can be reached. The 454 throttle body can flow more than enough air, as is.

5. 68 lb/hr injectors (at minimum) from a 92-93 LO5 9C1, or any injectors from a 454 TBI. The 68 lb/hr injectors would require the vFPR (see next item), while the 454 injectors might not depending on the size.

6. vacuum-compensated fuel pressure regulator (vFPR), discussed here and extensively on ThirdGen TBI forum. Also use a orifice damper (obstruction in the vacuum line with a small hole for airflow).

7. either a very big single exhaust using low restriction 94-96 style Bcar cats, or run the 94-96 dual exhaust (it's almost a bolt-on if you use the 94-96 double hump trans crossmember) along with aftermarket mufflers. Or buy a complete dual setup for a lot more money.

8. cold air intake, either Caddy-style or dual snorkle.

9. Initial tuning of fuel pressure and ignition advance to get you in the ballpark; custom ECM would then be needed to smooth out the operation over the entire range of rpms and loads.

Understand that it can be done, but very few people have the patience to do all of the above and get it all correct. I'll add that you don't have to do ALL of the above to get 260-280 hp and 350 ftlbs, and that would allow you to run low 14s in the quarter. Shooting for 330 fwhp may be overly excessive, especially if you can run nearly as well with a lot less fuss.

FWIW I saw a '78 Caprice running a full ZZ4 carb'd crate motor that ran 13.9 in warm weather (and 13.6 in good air, per the owner), and Chris McCabe has a bone stock 95 Roadmaster LT1 engine installed in his '89 and it's run 14.40 @ 93 or 94 mph. So a 280-300 hp 350 would easily park you at 14 sec flat. HTH.
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Thanks Kdrolt - thats the kind of information I was looking for - I guess I'll start with the goodwrench $1500 350, slap on a new throttle body and injectors (any word from the field on the holley 670 cfm tbi units? - they are the same price as a pair of new injectors), find a new chip, some mounts and then fab some kind of exhaust and enjoy it for a while before doing the vortech heads cam etc. I figure the conversion from 4.3 to 5.7 might be doable for under $2000. If anyone has done this engine swap please let me know.
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