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Suicide has been down since January !!! and the wait has been long enough. I've since then gotten a job at a local engine shop and its been great.I'm slowly learning the tricks of the trade. How to put together tear down engines (how not to lose all the tiny bolts)lol [img]graemlins/.gif[/img]

The good thing is that suicide will be back and running this WEEK just waiting for the cam and the headers. I'm at school now so i will add more durring the day. I've got a lot more to say

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A few things:

1. Port the heads. The reasons appear here.

2. The factory L98 cam (the one used in your 9C1) will work very well if you port the heads. 1.6 stamped self-aligning rockers arms will make up for the low lift of that cam. There are other cams you can use, but the more cam you use the more tuning you will need afterwards.

3. At the bare minimum, you need a custom exhaust because most of the trapped power is hidden by the factory exhaust. 94-96 full N10 duals (from an LT1 Caprice/Impala) have been used by several people and it's a nice budget way to go with duals. Headers + duals are better but you will have to deal with excess underhood heat if the headers aren't coated, and headers WILL be louder so make sure you use mufflers.

4. Still using the TBI? You will not have enough fuel supplied with the stock injectors and stock fuel pump. And you will need a new custom chip (EPROM) to plug into the ECM.

5. The guys at the engine shop are not likely to know enough of the details on any/all of the above, certainly not better than a few people here and perhaps more people on the TBI/EPROM pages at TGO ( )

If you want your car to run right after you modify the engine, you will need to do a LOT of reading here (by searching first) and at TGO. You will hurt your engine if you run it at WOT (wide open throttle) when it's too lean, so DON'T do it until you find out more about speed density TBI systems.

I'm interested to hear more about what you are doing, but you also need to be prepared to do some homework to get good results. HTH.
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Can you alleterate on step 4 a little more

thanks steve
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Originally posted by suicideride93:
Can you alleterate on step 4 a little more

thanks steve
You mean "elaborate", not alliterate.

The TBI is, for the most part, a speed-density fuel injection system that uses "look up" tables stored in a chip. The engines sensors (TPS, throttle position sensor), IAT (air inlet temp), CTS (coolant temp sensor) and MAP (manifold absolute pressure) all the the inputs that "tell" the computer (the ECM) if you are trying to drive at constant speed, accelerate, or deccelerate. The ECM (the engine computer) takes these inputs and decides how much fuel to be added to the injectors (which really means for how long the injectors are pulsed to be OPEN and admit fuel).

The lookup tables in the chip are set at the factory, to match to a 350 cid engine (for the LO5), or to match a 305 engine (for the LO3), or to match a 262 v6 engine (LB4, yes it was an option during 89-93 model years). The chip also "knows" if the engine is the regular passenger car LO5 (used in Roadmasters, Caprices, Custom Cruisers or Cad Fleetwoods) OR if it's the police Caprice LO5 (which had 25 more hp than the regular LO5).

BUT you have altered the engine. You're changing the cam, you're probably using headers + duals, you might have ported the heads. The engine breathes much better than before, so the fuel maps (the look up tables I mentioned) set by the factory in the EPROM chip are now all wrong. So you need a custom chip to suit the changes you have made.

That's more than I wanted to write about it, and the fact that you asked means you didn't know. So you need to do some reading, especially here:


and here:

TBI forum

The DIY (do it yourself) EPROM (erasable programmable memory) forum has several stickies at the top of the main page -- you need to read through them.

The TBI forum also has several stickies that are worth reading.
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