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If you're interested, I'm selling my fully forged 396 stroker with AI 200cc top end. The bottom end was originally built by Golen, had about 500 miles on it before I pulled it to swap out the pistons for dished ones (which never happened, engine sat at machine shop for years and I since decided to go LS). My machinist is installing the original pistons back in it now.

I'm selling it as a complete short block and then the brand new AI top end separate (not installed). Let me know if you may be interested, I had another buyer that seemed committed about a year back but my machinist got delayed a bit and i don't know if my first buyer will still be serious when it's ready.

I needed to get 5k for the complete assembled rotating assembly and complete AI 200cc top end. I paid about 4k for the short block alone and almost 3k for the AI top end/ported manifold/billet cam/new GM cores so it's definitely saving you a few thousand.

96 BBB Pro Touring- In the works- Mods list includes functional money incinerator, should have stuck to bolt-ons button, 100 dollars in mild steel MIG wire, a really expensive air compressor and a letter from Tire Rack saying nobody makes 335/35/17's anymore. (396/AI heads/D1SC) --frame off build up thread
Old N/A setup 396, LE2 heads, TH400

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