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1996 Caprice 9C1 in Southern California for Sale..

I'm in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (92688... Down here in Orange County, CA).. We have a nice airport you can fly into and drive the car back..

Sorry for the dissertation, but I'm a history teacher.. We're wordy as hell, are too busy for flaky people and to flake on people, and (me, atleast!) are honest to fault with business deals..

My goal: I'd love for this car to go to a 9C1 enthusiast who will appreciate the lengths I've gone through to keep it as original as when I bought it.. (Or, if you prefer: someone who recognizes how lazy I've been in updating the interior of the car in any way because I have too many cars to collect parts for them all.. heheh!) Ideally, I'd love for this car to make it back to Mountain View so that it can visit the Mountain View PD office and find any officers that actually used it while it was in service.. Bonus points if you're a current or ex- LEO.. Apparently I can attach files to this so I'll drop in the Carfax done about a year ago showing me as the 2nd owner.. I also have video of it running.. I'll see if I can link a dropbox link in a followup post..

I just put $2500 worth of transmission into the car, plus I fixed up the air conditioner so everything runs nicely and comfortably.. I hope I'm not dreaming asking $5500 for this one.. These cars are only original once and I've made sure to do just that.. For you guys, if I get asking price I'll toss in all the Caprice stuff I've collected throughout the years.. I have the light bar, extra Eyewitness Camera systems, wiring, a Prisoner Partition, a caprice-specific PA speaker that weighs a ton, etc.. I can toss in the ham radio mount I made for where the ash tray went.. It's like they planned it.. The radio fits perfectly in there.. (I have a beat us Ranger-2950 rebadge called a Sommerkamp TS-2000DX for those who are 10/11 meter enthusiasts)..

I was writing this description for Craigslist, so please excuse any attempts to explain 9C1 stuff to the laymen.. I figure it'd be proper to put this car up here first.. (Alas, 9C1.net is no longer..)

1996 9C1 Caprice
5.7L with 149k miles, Newly built trans (to the same cop specs as the original).

History of the car:
I purchased this car in June 2009 after the unfortunate demise of my daily driver '67 Barracuda Coupe (hit while she was parked by a reckless teenager in daddy's 2-year-old mustang GT convertible.. Still angry).. My purchase requirements were V8 and air conditioning.. I'd always wanted a 9C1, and this one came up..

Originally issued to the small Northern California bedroom community of Mountain View, CA, this unit racked up 95,000 miles before it was put out to pasture. Tire size indicates it was a regular squad car and not a pursuit vehicle (though, I've slapped the 235s on it because the 225s were scarce).. Near as I can tell, it was put out of sevice in 2005 and sat for some time before I bought it in 2009. The person I bought it from on eBay is well known in Concord, CA, for cleaning up old police vehicles and moving them on. This one appeared to receive a fresh coat of white paint, as well as a replacement back seat (the original was the plastic style with the recessed area for handcuffs. Some of the silicon seal used to seal it to the floor remains.. The replacement back seat is a caprice back seat in vinyl)..

I daily drove this car for the next 54k miles.. I've stopped driving it daily because I was able to score a decent deal on a new car.. That 0% interest really makes it hard not to..

The Cop Car:
This car has all the cop stuff and a few extra things that aren't hooked up anymore.. (They left the Whelan box under the hood, for example).. It has the rear door control disable harnesses (that's the green things in the trunk picture, if Craigslist has allowed me to post that many photos)..

The exterior:
The car is pretty clean, with some age showing on the paintjob now (see pictures). Overall it shows very well and shines up nicely. When backing into my garage a few years ago I cracked the driver's side mirror.. The replacement unit fit great, works great, but it appears they used some cheap clearcoat on it because it's peeling a bit..

The interior:
I have purposefully not changed anything on this car from when it was retired from service. This car wears all the scars it had at the time of retirement.. The steering wheel is physically worn down from all the hours the police spent in this car.. (I was going to do a leather steering wheel wrap, as one of the companies has a blue leather that matches the Mediterranean Blue of the cop interior, but.. meh.. Got lazy..) The rear door panels have impressions in the vinyl from where window bars were fitted.. There's a wear spot in the driver's seat where it appears the pistol in the pistol belt wore a bald patch in the velour.. The passenger panel still has the coffee stains.. There's a vinyl patch done from when it was in service that I didn't bother changing. The panels have screw holes where external speakers appear to have been, etc.. All in all, I didn't want to change a thing.. The one place where it's showing a bit of "a bit too authentic" wear is in the sun visors. They came to me like that and I've never bothered changing them out. The headliner shower a bit of wear where a Kustom Signals Eyewitness camera system was mounted. I have the unit in question, plus spares that can go with the car if the buyer wants them. The interior features a radio console with head units for the GE radio, and the arrowstick controller. These were disconnected when it was brought out of service, it appears, as no wiring runs to them. The Panasonic Toughbook (running Windows 95! Woo! Sadly, it has a Kernel32.exe error so I didn't bother trying to recover anything further) and the mount are similarly included if desired. It still has the original rubber floor, places where the mounts for the prisoner partition must have been, and so on.. It's about as original as it gets..
One change I did make was to install a DetailSS double-din radio kit because honestly-- the original radio left much to be desired and the cops had installed something in the dash where the screw holes were unsightly.. The DetailSS kit made short work of that.. It's ready for a new radio (sorry, using the double-DIN radio for another project..)..
I have a trunk mat for it, but I found a good trunk interior in the junkyard so I ran that.. I had to cut it a bit for the chunk of plywood MVPD used to mount the Eyewitness Camera box..

The drivetrain:
The 5.7L is original to the car, and received fleet maintenance its whole life. Any parts replaced by me were replaced with police specific parts where available.. So... What have I replaced or serviced? There's a list that follows.. The trans gave up the ghost last summer, so it was rebuilt using cop specific parts.. How do I know? it ran goofy when they gave it back to my mechanic so he brought it back and it turns out they'd flashed it with the civilian programming.. They flashed it with the 9C1 stuff and it's run like a top since then.. This car does exhibit the typical Caprice issue of an exhaust leak at head/exhaust manifold surface.. Many folks fix it by doubling up on the exhaust manifold gaskets, I've just been too busy to do such.. I have too many cars demanding attention and since this one runs great other than that, it hasn't received the attention.. When the car warms up, the exhaust leak tick goes away, so it hasn't been a priority for me.. Most other sellers would just not mention this and hope the buyer doesn't notice, but I'd rather be honest and up front.. Whatever helps me sleep better at night, right? This car has almost exclusively been serviced at George Bates automotive in Upland, the go-to people for B-Bodies.. Now that George has retired and moved the shop onward to some of his employees, I've been less inclined to make the hour-and-a-half drive out there..

Front end suspension has been kept in order. It drives like it should..
New radiator put in around 115k
New air conditioning compressor around 115k
New alternator about 130k
New plugs and plug wires [NOS 9C1 stuff, as I know a GM dealership mechanic] at 144k (I thought the police had serviced them at 90k? Nope. So, originals went to 144k and it ran just fine.. 80 thousandths gap and it was still running just fine..)
New fuel pump at 148k (sadly, the GM dealership guy didn't bother checking the fuel sender so the car runs empty at about 1/4 tank.. Annoying, but not worth yanking the fuel pump out)
New battery about 6 months ago..
NOS Radiator overflow tank at 148k-- The old one was good, but the coolant sensor apparently went out.. And, apparently they don't make it easily changeable!? Anyway, luckily George Bates Auto had one sitting around.. Including the old one in the trunk if you like..
Tires are a few years old now but no signs of giving up the ghost.. Firestone Indy Firehawk 500s..
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Hmm.. Apparently attaching photos to the post did not happen as I wanted it to.. So, let's try this again..

Here's a link to the Carfax.. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...P7TR154379.pdf
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Got all the photos uploaded to my Flickr account.. Seems much easier than attaching them here.. There are a ton of pictures from when I first bought the car in 2009, plus more recent photos of it (and video of it running..).. Here ya go..

I can be texted at 949-302-4725 if that's easier than replying through the forums.. I'll go for $5500 or best offer.. I can stash the car at my parents' house if need be for you to arrange to grab it..

Pictures and video and such here--
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Hmmm. Many views, no messages for additional information or offers. Either folks aren't looking for 9C1s right now (tax season?) or I am totally off base with what I'm asking. What's a reasonable "hey, that's a pretty good deal." That won't leave me feeling like I should have just donated the car for a tax break? I'm open to suggestion.
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I know you have a lot of money in the car but unfortunately a Caprice like that is hard to sell at that price. I sold a really nice 95 9C1 for around $3k last year. Of course I'm on the east coast but I suspect similar pricing on the west coast. Just trying to help....
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Cool.. Thanks for the heads up, Jesse.. It's not necessarily a money thing.. I don't mind getting a more realistic valuation for the car.. I just would love for it to go on to a 9C1 enthusiast.. I don't want it to go to some kid who is going to tear ass around the neighborhood and annoy people with it.. (That's what SN95 mustangs are for! Like the one that killed my 67 Barracuda Coupe while it was parked..) I'll give it another week (busy with the job..) and then put some updated pricing on it to move it..
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Price change on this one.. $3500.. $3250 if you're outside of California so I don't have to worry about smogging it for sale.. I know it'll pass (and see the Carfax-- it has for years) I'm just too dang busy (and sick and tired of giving California more smog shakedown money..) to want to deal with it.. Selling for less than I purchased it for in 2009 (and inflation...)
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