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Hey everyone,

I have been talking with a maker of dropped spindles,
in fact the maker of what is consider by many to be
the best manufacturer of dropped spindles for the
tri-five Chevys, and he said that he is considering
making a set for the Impala/Caprice. However he is
looking to see if there will be a market for them as
it will be a large initial investment for him. The
spindles would be in the range of $230.00 and would be
a 2" drop. He is also going to to have a set of rear
springs made to go with the spindles, no price on
those yet, but I believe he would have a couple of
choices in height with those.

So anyone interested in these please let me know, it
would be nice to have these available for our cars.
Just want to add I have no financial interest in this
I am only helping him determine if there will be a
market. Also if you have any questions or concerns I
can get them answered for you.

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I hate to say it but, YES I would be interested.
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I'm sure this sounds stupid, but consider this:

If they can be made available for $199, along with rear springs for $99, I'll bet you could sell a TON of them. It's just a psychological thing, but if you tell me I can drop my Impala 2" front and rear, with spindles, for under $300 I'd be all over it.
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What's the difference between dropping with spindles and dropping with springs?
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Chasi Tech makes 2" drop spnidels for B-bodies for about $139. I had them on my old SS, along with a 1" drop spring in the front and a 3" in back. Looked good and still rode great. I think i spent like $275, or 300
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SSRM:
What's the difference between dropping with spindles and dropping with springs?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

If you use spindles to drop, you don't need to get your car re-aligned ($40.00), plus you don't lose any ride quality because the spring rate/travel stays the same. Although technology has come a long way, smaller/shorter springs usually still equal worse ride quality.

To go 2" all the way around you are probably looking at $240 - $250 after an alignment, with a harsher ride afterward. I would gladly pay the extra $50 to not have anything change but the ride height.
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You'd probably still want to get an alignment after swapping the spindles. The advantages come w/ retaining a stock ride and your suspension geometry doesn't get put out of whack.
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I would deffinatly be interested in a set. Were do I sign
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Lowering is achieved in 2 basic ways:

1. Springs can be modified (shortened) to provide a lower ride height, which results in less suspension travel--the car will hit the bump stop(s) alot sooner--not good, for alot of reasons. This also generally results in odd handling because the geometry of the front suspension is so far outside it's originally designed "normal" operating position--it's "sweet spot".

2. Knuckles with a repositioned spindle can be used to raise or lower a vehicle from its original design ride height. In this case, lowering the vehicle is achieved by raising the position of the spindle pin on the knuckle, which "raises" the wheel(s) into the body, effectively lowering the car. The suspension geometry is unaltered, suspension travel is maintained at the factory-designed specs--unless you REALLY want to "get down" with shorter than stock springs....there are some engineering issues, and the better suppliers of lowering spindles (knuckle is GM's name for them) have the issues pretty well covered, though I don't know if the current Bell-Tech spindles have any limitations--for example, can you install any of the aftermarket brake packages if these spindles are being used?

I have to disagree with SINSSTR--if you were to install lowering spindles, realignment, or at least a check of alignment would ABSOLUTELY be appropriate. When the front of the car is lowered relative to the rear, caster is going to be changed, albeit in a minor way--still, it will change and should be checked and/or adjusted. Casting differences can easily cause the alignment to be off. When changing a part as significant as the spindle--and not even with an exact replacement--it would be the wise decision to put the car on an alignment rack soon after such a major change.

If you're wondering why the factory didn't do it that way, springs are alot cheaper than re-engineered knuckles. Making the brakes clear on every application, with different wheel sizes, fender opening clearance, bumper height and other Federally-mandated requirements, visibililty, entry/exit difficulty, etc--there are many reasons a production vehicle isn't always "optimized" to suit personal tastes as far as ride height, how well (or poorly) the wheel/tire package is integrated into the whole car--and many other considerations, I'm sure.
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im interested and would like a set
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