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Ok, guru's...I'm looking for some input before ripping the front end apart...When i turn the wheel all the way in either direction, there is like a popping sound that occurs....Where do you guys think i should start looking??? Ball joints??? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
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Balljoints or rag joint in the steering shaft.
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Put some grease on the steering stops, where the lower A arms hit the spindles at full lock. If that doesn't work, do what Ed said.
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could worn swaybar endlink bushings cause that pop?
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I think I also have the same problem, noticed it the day I bought the car (bought it in better condition than new). But I would call it more of a clunk-pop. Is this a serious problem? Should I keep ignoring it and just not turn the wheel all the way, or actually bother to do something?
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make sure the steering box is not loose !
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I also have had the same poping noise since I bought my 95 SS in 97. I have lowered the car and gone through the entire suspension. The noise is terrible when making sharp turns at slow speeds.
I have been told to check the steering box for correct torque, ball joints etc.

However I have not inspected the "Rag Joint" mainly because I don't know what it is!! Is it the conection on the steering shaft near the brake booster??
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i had the same problem i put grease on the steering stops and the noise went away
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Same here, steering stops needed greasing.
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Lead SSled
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Steering and Suspension: All Technical Service Bulletins
Crunch/Pop Noise in Steering System
File In Section: 3 - Steering/Suspension
Bulletin No.: 23-32-08A
Date: August, 1996
Steering System Crunch/Pop Noise (Apply Grease/Enlarge Attaching Holes)
1992-96 Buick Roadmaster
1992-93 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham
1994-96 Cadillac Fleetwood
1992-96 Chevrolet Caprice
1994-96 Chevrolet Impala SS
1992 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser
This bulletin is being revised to add the 1996 model year. Please discard
Corporate Bulletin Number 23-32-08 (Section 3 - Steering/
Some vehicles may exhibit a steering related crunch and/or pop type noise
apparent during low speed turning maneuvers. These conditions
can be differentiated from one another not only by the type of noise, but
also by when they are generated as indicated below.
A. Crunch Noise - May occur only when vehicle is in a full right or left
hand turning maneuver.
B. Pop Noise - May occur anytime vehicle steering wheel is moved off center
in either direction.
A. Crunch Noise - Movement of lower control arm steering stop on steering
knuckle during full turn type maneuvers.
B. Pop Noise - Slight movement between steering gear bolt threads and frame
rail inboard steering gear attaching holes.
Crunch Noise - Apply a thin film (approximately 1 mm thick) of high
temperature water resistant grease, P/N 12345996 (1.75 oz. tube), to
the contacting surfaces of both the steering stops and steering knuckles.
Pop Noise - Follow procedure below and enlarge the frame-rail inboard
steering gear attaching holes that show any contact with bolt threads.
1. Disconnect and remove air cleaner snorkle.
2. Disconnect intermediate steering shaft coupling shield and slide
3. Remove nut securing ABS module bracket to steering gear.
4. Raise vehicle.
Ensure that the vehicle's wheels are pointing straight ahead and the
steering wheel is in "LOCK" position. Failure to do so may cause the
steering wheel to rotate, causing damage to the coil assembly.
5. Remove left front wheel and tire assembly.
6. Remove flexible coupling bolt and disengage coupling from steering gear.
7. Remove three (3) steering gear to frame rail attaching bolts and
position gear away from frame rail.
Inspect inboard frame rail steering gear attaching holes for any indication
of bolt thread contact.
9. Carefully enlarge those holes that show bolt thread contact utilizing a
rat-tail mill file.
10. Position steering gear to frame rail and hand start attaching bolts.
Torque attaching bolts in sequence # 1, # 2 and # 3 to 95 N.m (70 lb
ft) as shown in illustration.
11. Connect flexible coupling to steering gear, install bolt and torque to
31 N.m (23 lb ft).
Ensure that vehicle wheels are pointing straight ahead prior to connecting
flexible coupling.
12. Install wheel and tire assembly and torque wheel nuts to 135 N.m (100
lb ft).
13. Lower vehicle.
14. Slide coupling shield forward and secure in position.
15. Install ABS module bracket nut and torque to 60 N.m (44 lb ft).
16. Install and connect air cleaner snorkle.
17. Start vehicle and cycle the steering lock to lock several times.
18. Loosen but do not remove attaching bolts # 1 and # 2, start vehicle and
cycle the steering lock to lock several times.
19. Torque attaching bolt # 2 and then # 1 to 95 N.m (70 lb ft).
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